Buying “Voices from the Chicago Grave”

Question: I’d be tempted to buy your book. How many pages is it? I know how frustrating book prices can be. Xlibris is selling my 120 page book on for $20.00. seriously, who would pay that?

What else do you talk about in your book that’s different from all the others on Chicago?

Reply:  The Book is 265 pages. Yes, there are a number of other books on Chicago ghosts out there. It was my own personal goal to write a book as good as Ursula Bielski’s “Chicago Haunts,” which is a tall order. I think it’s something that Mary Czerwinski, my partner, and I achieved. It covers all the well known and semi-well-known stories, of course, but it also covers a lot of never-before-told stories like St. Sava’s Serbian Monastary, the Sunnybrook Asylum, Cavallone’s West, etc. It also takes some stories such as Frank Nitti’s suicide, the Iriquois Theater Fire, the Grimes Sisters double homicide, and the Peterson-Schuessler murders and goes WAY more in-depth than any other ghost books have ever done.

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