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Info on Haunted Lake County, IL

Question: Hello Scott! We are a small Girl Scout Troop and we were looking to make a mini documentary about spooky places in Lake County IL to give to local the schools. We want to make it lighthearted as these are elementary schools. Could you recommend a book or website that concentrates on just Lake County, IL? I can find all sorts of information on Chicago but that is not where we live. Thank you so much! Teri

Reply:  That’s a tough challenge finding a Lake County-only book. The best lead I can give you in the ways of your age category would be a book by Ursula Bielski called “Creepy Chicago : A Ghosthunter’s Tales of the City’s Scariest Sites.” It can be found on for $18, around $6 used. However, that is not Lake County-centered and I don’t even really know how many Lake County stories are in that book. It might be fun to take a more active approach and have the girls talk to their friends and family to uncover local ghost stories and urban legends….some of the taller tales, you’ll be able to find the origin of at Good luck!