Haunted Road Trip: LA to Las Vegas

During one of our Haunted LA Tours over this weekend, the topic of our haunted road trip from LA to Las Vegas came up a few times. Turns out, we hadn’t yet shared it on this site, which was an oversight, as this trip was a favorite for us!

The concept was: How can we turn one of the most boring drives (through the desert from LA to Vegas) into a fun, paranormal adventure?

On a geographically nerdy footnote, once you leave LA, you will only travel through two counties on this trip: Clark County, Nevada & San Bernardino, California. San Bernardino County is the largest county in the continental US with a land area of 20,100 square miles.

Here are some historic, haunted and/or creepy stops on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas!

0:58 -Barstowe, Casa Del Desierto, Harvey House
2:02 – Early Man Archaeological Site, Calico
3:11 – Royal Motel, Baker, CA
4:25 – Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings, NV (death site of Carole Lombard)
7:21 – Goodsprings Cemetery
8:54 – Star Trek Con, Vegas
9:09 – Jeff Mudgett Interview clip

2019 Update: The Calico Early Man site has been closed indefinitely as it was impacted by the dangerous Hantavirus respiratory virus, which can be transmitted between people and wild animals. The site has also, sadly, been extensively looted. Hopefully good caretakers will re-open study at this location once it’s safe to do so. Read more here: https://www.vvdailypress.com/news/20190427/blm-closes-early-man-site


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