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Merging with LA Hauntings

For those of you who are “subscribed” to this site (first off, thank you), I am merging my other web site,, with this one. The LA Hauntings Tour Company is going into a bit of a hiatus and want to make sure all the posts find a safe second home.

Will LA Hauntings continue?  In some form, yes.  We will continue offering special event tours (we are excited about creating a tour by boat up the coast of southern CA, for example.  And we do hope to stay active in appearing at or creating special events. is designed to be a clearing house for ghost stories and haunted locations across the globe. For the next couple of days there will be more focus on LA and California than usual. In the next week, we’ll have not one but TWO videos up about the famed former Nazi camp in Rustic Canyon called Murphy’s Ranch.  I hope you enjoy the stories and video of haunted and spooky California! ~Scott