Seeking Location to Investigate in So. Cal

Hello!  I’ve been traveling a lot and am in the process of getting some videos ready to share with you.  First though, I need your help.  I’m calling on you, ghost story fans to help me find the perfect location to do an extensive investigation on with a small group of people.  Some of them are people you’ve seen in my videos before, some are brand new additions.

We’ll be filming in the Los Angeles area, but if LA and Hollywood are one thing, they are crowded!  If they’re something else, they’re loud!  So, I’m looking to find a location outside of the heart of LA.  A place we could get permission to have the run of the place.  It would be a single night overnight investigation.  I’m looking for a place that is actively and heavily haunted.  It doesn’t have to be a place where people see full apparitions or a place where people get physically confronted, though those would be okay for me too…. Sorry team, but just a place where the activity seems to be interesting and ongoing.  If you have a personal experience there, we might be able to get you even more involved with the project, if you’d like.

Here’s a rough map showing where I’m looking.  The red locations are potentially good target areas where the blue area is likely locations I’d avoid.  So, I’m looking at a pretty big area.  From Hidden Hills to Rancho Cucamonga, from the massive Angeles National Forest to further south than this map shows, really.


It can be a private residence, a public place or a company.  We just need permission to conduct this one-night investigation.  We’re not trying to do anything sneaky here.

If you know of a place within a more populated (blue) area, but you think the building is quiet and isolated enough that we could do an investigation without sound contamination, I’d be all for it.  I even have a wish list for places In these areas:

  1. The Hollymont house just north of Hollywood Blvd
  2. Themla Todd’s Café and the house she died in, Castillo del Mar
  3. The Warner Pacific Theatre, one of my favorite buildings in LA, one I’ve never set foot in because it’s been restricted since the earthquake in ’89.  I’d love to get in there and try to make contact with one of the original Warner Brothers.

So, if you have leads on any interesting haunted location in any of the cities listed, please drop me a line with any info you may have, the history, alleged hauntings, if you know who I should contact and, maybe most importantly – if YOU have a personal experience there!



  1. Hello my name is Esmeralda Anselmetti n I hv severl experinces seeing ghosts n my most scariest one happened last year it was the voic of a male speakin thru a woman’s body, tht woman was my cowrkr n the male voic said something only Jesus can say n at Sam time the spirit was speakin all her veins were like coming out of her skin n she was bent forward uncontrollably n saliva was just fallin out of her mouth it was so scary everybody ran awa from her except me I stayd n listend n her languag would Chang at times Wer I couldn’t understand it but I’m in process of writing a novel in which evrytin I experienced all my life will include n I’m seekin help turnin into visual film my number is# 956-229-3737

  2. Hello ths Esmeralda Anselmetti again Also the house I’m stayin in now has a femal spirit tht appears in middl of the night n she’s glowing n floatin sort of I’ve seen her few times I’ve seen a lot of ghosts I’ve been hvn visions a lot also tht s the reason for my novel it explains a lot n how the angels helps me n not just tht but I had bad experience wit coupl bad spirits Wer I couldn’t evn get awa one was holdin me dwn in my bed n his clothes were very old style early century typ clothing but now as I’m gettin to understand m or I am Sep real predictions from fak visions n in my novel explains my prediction of the 911 crash n how I reportd it a week bfor it evn happened my nmbr#956-229-3737 thank you

    • Hi my name is Sara. I do spirit rescue. Meaning I help lost or trapped ghosts to cross over into the light and continue their soul progression. If you need any help to cross over a spirit or energy, feel free to contact me. No charge. I have a God given gift. I received it freely, so I give it freely. Thanks so much. Love to you.

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