Livestream Ep 14: UFO Sightings (Malibu Megaliths, Dundee WI’s Bensons Hideaway, Coral Castle, Area 51)

We are gonna tell some weird stories related to UFOs! In order, we’ll talk about megalithic structures near Malibu, Ireland, Arizona and Chicago airport UFO sightings, Dundee Mountain in Wisconsin, the battle of Los Angeles, the Coral Castle & a great Area 51 firsthand story.

– Welcome
0:34 – What’s Your Most Re-Watched Movie?
3:50 – Great UFO Podcast & web site
6:04 – News Weekly Wrap-up
8:23 – Good News
11:04 – Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in the Sky
12:50 – “Sky Fishing” / Joshua P. Warren
14:21 – Malibu Megaliths
18:00 – Benson’s Hideaway, Dundee, WI
25:16 – UFOs Sighted by Multiple Pilots
29:30 – Battle of Los Angeles
33:50 – Coral Castle, Homestead, FL (& pictured below)
37:38 – Area 51 Sighting
41:00 – Skinwalker Ranch

Coral Castle, Homestead, FL.

Interesting links:

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