Call for info: Winston Tunnel, near Galena, IL

It seems like everyone loves a good haunted tunnel location, right? Those usually revolve around prohibition-related bootlegging tunnels or even a series of tunnels in cold weather climates that connect a large campus, like a college or a hospital complex. Sometimes it’s entire towns that allege that their oldest buildings are connected underground. Whether the original purpose for those underground passage ways are legitimate or not, nefarious histories are usually associated with them today.

We recently mentioned Hales Bar Dam near Chattanooga, TN, which contains a tunnel, now haunted by those who have died within it when it flooded. Wendy Lynn Staats and I have done our own investigation at the Sansabaugh Tunnel in Church Hill, TN (pictured) and in the past I explored the tunnel beneath “Bunnyman Bridge” in Fairfax Station, VA.

I’m currently looking for your insight on a remote train tunnel in Galena, IL called Winston Tunnel. I’ll have a more in-depth video on the horizon, but in the meantime I will share that it was built for the Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad in 1888 and has been out of service since 1975. Today, the tunnel is considered unsafe to enter, but it does have a paranormal history. There are other ruins that hopefully I’ll be able to find in the snow.

I look forward to telling the full story of this location (along with some special guests), but in the meantime, I’m asking YOU if you’ve had a personal experience here, have you heard an interesting urban legend or bit of folklore or do you have an interesting historical footnote to share? Please leave a comment & thanks in advance!

In the meantime, feel free to explore some links below:

Michael Kleen’s Mysterious America series & Basic info & historic photos on Bridge Hunter


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