My Experience Leading Tours to the Cecil Hotel (Elisa Lam, Night Stalker, Jack Unterweger)

I should have also mentioned a little friend-of-a-friend connection I also have with the hotel. Not long after launching the LA ghost tour, we became friends with Jordan Murphy, who at the time was on the short-lived Biography Channel series “Haunted Encounters: Face to Face.” While the hotel has become very famous recently, you’ve gotta give credit to perhaps the first paranormal show to shoot here, which was this one, way back in 2012. I also love that this series frequently counted a dog as a member of its crew since animals are considered more sensitive to paranormal phenomena. It’s amazing to me that I haven’t seen more dogs on investigative teams (even if it’s merely a play for ratings, cuz who wouldn’t want to see more fluffy friends on ghost hunting shows?). Jordan’s investigation did not yield very much paranormal evidence, but apparently it did yield a lawsuit from the hotel against the network for their coverage being bad for business. Your building has one of the darkest histories imaginable and you gave permission for a ghost hunting show to film there. What did you expect?

One of the other stories associated with the building that I don’t like to talk about (but is depicted in the video via newspaper clippings) is the apparently random sexual assault and stabbing murder of an elderly female resident of the Cecil in 1964. Her body was found in her room. Goldie Osgood, was better known in the area as “Pigeon Goldie,” for feeding the pigeons in Pershing Square while wearing the blue ball cap of her beloved LADodgers. It’s a ghastly crime that remains unsolved.


    • Yes, thanks for posting this! It’s such a treasure that these still exist. So often a person in one of these stories is defined by the way they died. In Elisa’s case, she can still define herself, in her own words

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