Call for Info: Are the Fleur de Lis Apartments in Hollywood Haunted?

From time to time I get direct contact from people who are sharing their stories or asking for help. As much as possible, I try to post these on the web site (always keeping people’s identity secret at their request, especially if we’re talking about private residences). In this instance we are talking about an apartment building in downtown Hollywood, so there’s always the chance that past and current residents may have some of the same experiences. Please check out our correspondences back and forth below. If you have any paranormal experience in this building or if you know anything interesting about the history of the location, please share it in the comments!

A newspaper ad from 1939

Initial email to me:

I live in Hollywood, in the Fleur de Lis apartment building. I’ve lived here half a decade and love it very much. I have three cats and spend a lot of time at home with them. For years I’ve felt there is ‘something’ in my bathroom. Initially, the cats would just stare at a specific corner of the bathroom ceiling. As time went on I noticed my things disappearing (lotion bottle top, amethyst crystal) or moving around the apartment (hair scrunchie, cotton mask). My cat also tends to meow & chase ‘something’ at night. Saying a loud prayer and asking to be left alone would quell it. It happened for years before I started putting things together. One night, this year, I said “ok, I realize you’re here, just please stop bothering the cats” and it completely stopped. I can still feel air moving in unexplained ways (sometimes warm air in the middle of the night) but my cats are no longer disturbed by it. I searched all I could online about this apartment building, looking for deaths or odd events, and found nothing. I did stumble across an article by the Hollywood reporter that quoted you in regards to haunted Hollywood locals. That gave me the idea to reach out and see if you have any info about this building. I’d really appreciate anything you can share. With COVID, I’m home even more and would truly love to get to the bottom on this. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you in advance.

My reply:

Thank you so much for reaching out!  First off, I do want to say that you did the right thing & the thing I always tell people – if you feel uncomfortable (or even just annoyed), simply speak to whoever might be sharing the space with you.  Ideally, you’re just talking to another person and 9 times out of 10, if not more, your request will be honored.

I researched your building and also searched by address and didn’t see any newspaper articles connected to a history of hauntings or as the site of a homicide.  Of course, a murder or the site of a death isn’t required for a haunting.  Your building was built in 1928 (or 1930 depending on the article) and so many people have passed through those doors.  So many positive and negative and even boring experiences for people over the course of the last 90 years.  That leaves an energy behind and most hauntings aren’t even conscious – just an energy left over, not a personality.
I will ask another question, because I’d still like to continue researching for you:  Do you know if the apartment building went by a different name at any point?

On some “fun fact” points, I will just point out that 1) Your building was used as a shooting location for “Insidious: Chapter 3” and 2) the final LA apartment of Elizabeth Short (more famously known as the Black Dahlia) is very VERY close to your building.  She lived on Cherokee in Chancellor Apartments.  She was not murdered there and the place is not known for being haunted, but it’s still something of a fun/interesting fact.

Reply from the same tenant:

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my message. It’s really comforting to hear you mention speaking to to the energy, because I’ve had such good results from that. I was secretly worried that by speaking to it that I might be emboldening it, and I didn’t want to accidentally make things worse. I’ve already reached out to my building manager/friend and inquired what the name of the building was previously. I know it is considered a historical building, and it was once an apartment building for unmarried starlets under contract with movie studios. Martha O’ Driscoll & Joni Mitchell lived in the building at one point. Joni lived here while trying to break into acting & eventually moved to Laurel Canyon. Once I hear back regarding previous building names I’ll contact you immediately. I’m really looking forward to knowing more. Thank you so much for helping me sort all this out.

My followup (March 7, 2021):

That’s great info about Joni Mitchel!  I was able to uncover that Martha O’Driscoll (pictured, right) was under contract with Universal Studios in the late ’30s, then Paramount bought out her contract in the early ’40s.  It’d be very interesting to learn what time period she lived at Fleur de Lis, because there could be a strong link between one of those studios & the building.  Nothing ghost or paranormal-related, but interesting nonetheless.  On an odd coincidental note, O’Driscoll died in the 1980s and is buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, which is a location I’ve written about extensively (I’m from Chicago). So, just more fun facts.

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