LA Cathedral High School Haunted + site updates

I’m very excited to say that after some tech issues & a very busy time when it comes to life and work, I’ll have a more calm summer to keep bringing new content to this site. I’ll get into specifics below, but first I wanted to highlight one of your comments as it relates to a unique, historic, and apparently haunted high school in LA… unlike most urban legends, this one actually IS built on top of a cemetery.

LA Cathedral High School was built in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, on the site of one of LA’s oldest city cemeteries, Calvary Cemetery. To quote the omniscient Wikipedia, “All the important magnates of the country around Los Angeles were buried at Calvary, such as Gen. Andrés Pico, the hero of the Battle of San Pascual, and Don Abel Stearns, a man of many ranchos.”

The Old Calvary Cemetery, downtown Los Angeles. Photo likely taken in the late 1800s-1920. Please comment if you have other photos of the original cemetery or more info on this photograph.

The final burial took place at the Old Calvary Cemetery likely in the late 1880s/early 1890s (please comment if you have specific info) before a new Calvary Cemetery was established further to the Southeast. The Old Calvary Cemetery sat, mostly abandoned for decades, eventually resulting in grave robbing, vandalized and also inhabited by the homeless. The photo to the right was likely taken during this time, posted by a contributor at

As one might expect, when the high school broke ground on this land, it appears not all of the internments and tombstones made their way to the new location. Burials and even gravestones were discovered during construction. As of this moment, it’s likely there are still random burials beneath the school’s football field and parking lots – grounds that didn’t need deeper excavations in order to be developed. Today, gravestones discovered on the property have been repurposed and put on display throughout the building. Though some may judge that re-purposing of the stones, I at least respect that the school is honoring the location’s past. They also honor their macabre past with the school’s mascot. They are the Cathedral Phantoms.

The actual name and mascot of the LA Cathedral Phantoms.

I had never heard of modern day ghost stories associated with this location, but it seems rife for all sorts of tales. Fortunately we finally have some news on this front. This quest for ghost stories mirrors my ability to dig up (no pun intended) ghost stories associated with another downtown LA high school that was also built on a pioneer burial ground, LA’s Central High School #9. To view a full video of me talking about haunted schools, including LA Cathedral (with modern day photos), LA Central #9 & some haunted Illinois schools, check out the video below:

I’m happy to report that a viewer of the above video has reached out about hauntings at Los Angeles Cathedral High School! View our YouTube comment discussion below:

Do you have any personal ghost stories associated with this or other haunted school locations? Can you provide us with your own personal photos of the tombstones at Cathedral High School that we can share on this site (with photo credit to you)? Please drop a line! Hopefully this will become a developing story where we can share a lot more information!

Future posts on this site:

We’ve got a lot planned for the month of June, including…

  • June’s Horror releases on Hulu. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Peacock HBO, IMDbTV & Tubi
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Plus, a little further down the road, we’ll have some great videos including a look at haunted Oahu, HI, archaeological sites in southern Arizona & maybe even a virtual tour of some haunted LA sites!

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