The Conjuring 3 was first released… in 1983!

The top draw at the North American box office last week was The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me do it. It earned over $24 million in theaters despite the movie simultaneously being available on HBO Max and many people still not feeling safe enough to go to a theater due to the still lingering pandemic. The eight-part and growing Conjuring film series certainly has a dedicated following.

Any visitor to this site likely well knows that the Conjuring film series is based on the true case files of Ed & Lorraine Warren, a married New England couple of demonologists & paranormal investigators whose exploits and beliefs still influence how paranormal investigating is done to this day, despite each of them having passed away (Ed in 2006, Lorraine in 2019).

While their motives and conclusions are the cause of much debate, you cannot underestimate their importance to the field, including mentoring and/or providing guidance to a young Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Lockdown), Jeff Belanger (New England Legends) and family members including John Zaffis (Haunted Collector). It’s no wonder Zaffis found interest in haunted items as his aunt and uncle (the Warrens) had an entire room of their house dedicated to housing haunted and cursed objects, headlined by Annabelle, the demonically attached Raggedy Ann doll that earned its own film.

At a certain point, one has to wonder: Were they just lucky to have investigated so many famous cases? Or did cases become famous due to their association with the Warrens? The Amityville Horror, England’s Enfield Poltergeist, The Haunting in Connecticut (Snedeker family) case are just a couple of the huge number of fascinating cases this paranormal couple had some level of connection to.

The subject of the latest Conjuring film was the subject of a book, which has already been adapted to a movie (of the made-for-TV variety) way back in 1983!

Without going into too much detail, the story centers on a demonic possession and exorcism of an 11-year-old Brookfield, Connecticut boy. The results of the exorcism were not exactly what the Warrens had in mind as the demon left the child’s body, but took up residence in his sister’s boyfriend, Arne Johnson.

Months later, the newly possessed boyfriend would go on to stab his landlord to death. Lorraine Warren came to Johnson’s defense, stating that a demonic possession was the real killer behind the murder, leading to the press nickname of this being the “Devil Made Me Do It” case.

While it will still be exciting to see Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, respectably, wouldn’t it be cool to see this story unfold with the acting talents of none other than Andy Griffith and the incredible Cloris Leachman? Bonus points if we can improve our “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game in the progress (yes, this movie also features a pre-Footloose Kevin Bacon).

And glory to us all, we can find it on YouTube! Please enjoy the links below. I found two versions of the full film. I will post both here just in case one disappears in time.

If you are a fan of Ed & Lorraine Warren, you might also enjoy this song from the paranormal rock band, Sunspot. “Only Faith” from their album Wonders of the Invisible world is inspired by their lifelong teamwork:

And here is some further viewing including a recent documentary & an older extended conversation with Ed & Lorraine Warren about the case.

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