More UFO/UAP discussion as it relates to the US Military

To start, yes, this is WhatsYourGhostStory and this is a UFO-related article. This site is really all about celebrating all the unknown our world has to offer. Yes, a good 90%+ of our content is ghost story related, we do also like to touch on UFOs, cryptids and really anything at all that lands in that category of the unexplained.

Today CNN posted a really good video about the level of importance the US government has placed on understanding the frequent encounters the military has had with UFOs (or as they call it, UAPs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Check out the video here:

The mentions of US Navy ships being “swarmed” by odd objects is as fascinating as it is troubling. There’s no way that I can say that these objects come from outer space, but even if it is some sort of natural phenomena, what is it? This isn’t animal and it’s not the work of a foreign military (because these things seem to defy physics as we know it). If these objects do come from outer space, is there a technology behind them, or are they something naturally occurring that we just haven’t identified yet? Yes, it’s very strange that these objects are frequently observed around military facilities and war machines, but maybe that’s just because these are some of the most heavily monitored places in the world as it is. So, perhaps the link between these objects and the military is coincidental (though the possibility that they are interfering with radar systems is noteworthy).

The one thing we can say for the time being is that it’s exciting, more than a little unsettling, and very perplexing.

I personally have never seen a UFO. Have you? If you’re photographed or recorded something seemingly from another world, definitely drop me a line – I’d love to hear about it!

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