New to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, IMDb TV, Tubi & THEATERS August 2021 (for horror, paranormal fans)

Each month, I like to pick out the best streaming has to offer for fans of the paranormal.  This can include straight-up ghost stories like “The Grudge” true ghost stories, and true crime stories since those sometimes lead to ghost stories.

Often the “See You on the Other Side” podcast Patreon community ends up hosting a live watch party or picking one as a “Movie of the Month.” If you want to join future watch parties, you can donate at any level, check out the link here.

Of course, if you’re a fan of ghost stories, there’s a chance you like horror movies in general & spooky sci-fi flicks, so you’ll see a selection of those listed here too.

This is by far the fewest titles I’ve ever seen appear on Netflix since I started tracking this, and by that I mean overall, not just light on horror movies. however, as usual, the content they have provided is top quality including some really unique international titles.

If there’s a title I missed, please just drop me a line or comment and I’ll update.

Personally, I’m excited to check out “Brand New Cherry Flavor” “The Final Girls,” “Love and Monsters,” & “Spell.” & I am way overdue to finally see “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

In Theaters:

Late July Releases
July 30:
A Dark Foe (Limited Release) – FBI agent with fear of the dark faces off against the serial killer who took his sister.

August 13
Don’t Breathe 2 (wide) – Sequel to one of the best suspense movies I’ve seen in ages. Check out my audio review of Part 1 here:

August 20
The Night House (wide) – Great trippy horror/thriller I was fortunate enough to cover at Sundance 2020 follows a woman who notices a mirror image of her house appears across the lake from her house at night. Investigating it unveils a hauntingly intimate ghost story.
Demonic (Limited) – Demonic possession-meets-“eXistenZ”-style ambiguous reality

August 27
Candyman (wide) – I can’t wait to see this one! It’s considered a direct sequel to the 1992 Virginia Madsen classic. The new one is co-written by Jordan Peele.

New to Streaming

Tally by service
Amazon Prime: 15
Hulu: 24
IMDb TV: 3
Netflix: 10
Tubi: 16

August 1

  • 30 Days of Night 1 (2007) – Hulu – Vampires in Alaska, where the sun don’t rise
  • Alien, Aliens & Alien vs. Predator (1979, ’86 & ’04) – Tubi
  • Anaconda (1997) – Prime – Snake creature Feature
  • Attack The Block (2011) – Hulu & Prime- Aliens picked the wrong London neighborhood to invade
  • The Beast Within (1982) – Hulu – Supernatural sexual attack leads to the birth of an evil offspring, it should be noted that this movie came out the same year as “The Entity,” which is based on a true supernatural sexual abuse case (but did not lead to a demon child).
  • Beyond, seasons 1 & 2 (2017) – IMDb TV – After a Near Death Experience/coma, a person has new abilities
  • Black Rock (2012) – Tubi – Stranded on an island, survival horror
  • Black Swan (2009) – Hulu – Amazing psychological horror inspired by the concept of Doppelgängers
  • Blood On Satan’s Claw (1970) – Hulu – Sounds like an English Children of the Corn
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Hulu – The modern vampire classic
  • Christina’s House (2001) – Hulu – a potentially haunted house & a town of suspicious characters
  • Contagion (2011) – Hulu – You’re not tired of pandemic/virus outbreak talk, are you?
  • The Descent 1 & 2 (2005, ’09) – Tubi – Encountering terrifying monsters while cave exploring
  • The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013) – Netflix – Haunted house, based on the Wyrick family case
  • The Final Girls (2015) – Hulu – Horror/Comedy, modern-day movie fans are transported into a campy ’70s slasher flick.
  • Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (1984, ’89) – IMDb TV
  • The Grudge (2004) – Hulu – Great adaptation of Japanese ghost story movie
  • Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) – Tubi
  • Heart of Midnight (1989) – Hulu – Weird psycho-sexual horror story about a girl who inherits a night club, only to find out it’s a darkly haunted sex club.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Hulu – Modern teen slasher
  • Jaws 1-4 (1975-87) – Prime & Tubi – Catch up on all the Jaws sequels you missed, starting with the masterpiece
  • Knowing (2009) – Prime & Tubi – Sci Fi, can a mysterious set of numbers warn us of upcoming disasters?
  • The Last Witch Hunter (2015) – Tubi – Action witchcraft
  • Machete (2010) – Prime – Can’t really call it horror, but you’ve gotta love any Danny Trejo/Robert Rodriguez collab
  • Magnolia (1999) – Netflix – Not remotely paranormal or horror, but this amazing ensemble drama is all about synchronicities and strange coincidences, actually opening with a montage of urban legends.
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) – Tubi – True comedy, based on the research of Jon Ronson, about secret attempts by the US government to use psychic abilities in the military
  • My Bloody Valentine (1981) – Hulu – Slasher about a killer attacking on Valentine’s Day
  • The New Daughter (2009) – Tubi – Maybe a little possession and/or curse/voodoo
  • Predator 1 & 2 (1987, ’90) – Prime – Jungle action suspense monster
  • Queen of the Damned (2002) – Tubi – Vampire queen, awakened by music
  • The Roommate (2011) – Prime – “Single White Female” set in college
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) – Tubi – Based on the celebrated book series, seems to play with the idea of tulpas too.
  • Secret Window (2004) – Prime – Stephen King, threatening stalker
  • Slither (2006) – Prime – Comedic creature-feature
  • Special Effects (1984) – Hulu – A killer makes a film, celebrating his crime
  • Spellbinder (1988) – Hulu – A man falls in love with a woman who turns out to be an occultist with a complicated past.
  • The Vatican Tapes (2015) – Hulu – Exorcism/possession

August 3

  • Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified, Season 1 (2021) – Netflix

August 4

  • Aftermath (2021) – Netflix – Looks like a crazed stalker suspense flick
  • The Devil You Know, season 1 & 2 (2019-21) – Hulu – crime documentary series about a satanic murder

August 6

  • S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies, Season 1 (2021) – Prime
  • The Swarm (2021) – Netflix – French creature feature about blood thirsty locusts

August 10

  • Held (2021) – Hulu – Kidnapping/hostage suspense horror

August 13

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) – Netflix – Original series involving curses and the supernatural in the seedy film world of early ’90s LA

August 15

  • Silo (2019) – Hulu – Survival horror, trapped in a gain silo

August 18

  • Unsane (2018) – Hulu – Psychological horror, girl committed to asylum

August 18

  • Killer Among Us (2021) – Prime – A street cop races to save a girl from a serial killer

August 23

  • The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf (2021) – Netflix – Animated feature based on the fantasy novel series involving a hunter with supernatural abilities hunting mythical creatures

August 25

  • John of God: The Crimes of a Spiritual Healer, Season 1 (2021) – Netflix – The worst of the worst, a ‘spiritual healer’ who takes advantage of the vulnerable. We need another Harry Houdini to come around and expose these criminals. The below is not a trailer, but a news magazine piece from 2018.
  • Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes, Season 1 (2021) – Netflix – Supernatural comedy involving a near death experiences who suddenly has new abilities
  • The Old Ways (2020) – Netflix – Cult abduction horror

August 25

  • American Horror Story: Double Feature, season 10 (2021) – Hulu – This season will be split into two stories – one, apparently having to do with sea creatures and the other, possibly a UFO desert story

August 26

  • Love and Monsters (2021) – Hulu – Rom-Com set during a monster apocalypse

August 26

  • Chaos Walking (2020) – Hulu – Trippy Sci-Fi survival where all thoughts are manifested

August 30

  • Spell (2020) – Hulu – “Misery” meets VooDoo

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