FSS #18: Carlos Alazraqui from “Reno 911” Wrote a Zombie Movie!

Who doesn’t love a great zombie movie?  Also, who doesn’t love a good comedy?  Above all, who doesn’t love a zombie comedy?  And then just throw in Mafia elements to make it a truly unique film!

Before getting into the film, I just have to take a moment to express how fun it was to finally talk to stand-up comic-writer-director Carlos Alazraqui, who I watched for around a hundred episodes of “Reno 911!” as Officer Garcia while also being a prominent voice actor for celebrated cartoons like “Rock’s Modern Life” (he was Rocco) and “The Fairly Odd Parents.”

What’s your favorite zombie movie?

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After a quick shout out to Zanies Comedy Club in Vernon Hills, IL (RIP), it took almost no time at all to see that Carlos was a legit, dedicated zombie movie fan.  It was an easy, fun conversation as the first movie I ever viewed (and immediately fell in love with) was “Night of the Living Dead” (unless you could Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which is also a zombie flick of sorts).

Also, Max & I are big fans of “The Walking Dead,” a series that helped simultaneously rejuvenate the zombie genre and immediately over-saturate it.  What is needs now is a new take… hey, how would a Mafia family deal with the zombie apocalypse?  And here we have “Witness Infection,” a zombie/Mafia comedy mash-up.

For one, I really have to appreciate how much Carlos loves, not just zombie movies, but specifically “Sean of the Dead.”  Carlos filled the cast with amazing actors as well, including Erin Hayes, Tara Strong and Maurice LaMarche.  (Time for another shout out: friend, Anne Girard, who made a surprise appearance as a news reporter).  Note to anyone who checks out “Witness Infection:” I don’t even need to call it out as you will certainly be struck by it, but Monique Coleman has an amazing performance (the role first written for MADtv’s Deborah Wilson) in a role that could be described as ‘if a young Samuel L. Jackson was part of the Suicide Squad.”  Yeah, it’s some great writing and the performance is beyond amazing.

When it comes to creating a zombie movie, there are a lot of questions one has to answer including Do we know what’s causing the zombie virus?  Do we even address it?  Alazraqui fields this question as an opportunity to further address the Mafia angle with another serving of comedy.  Time to just give a listen yourself.  Enjoy our conversation with Carlos Alazraqui at any of the podcast sites listed below.

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