Meet Snippy, the first Alien-Mutilated Horse

Yes, usually when you hear about a UFO appearing and it doesn’t go well for livestock, it’s generally cattle that take the brunt of the damage (or experimentation). Well, this 1967 case in Alamosa, Colorado involves a horse and is one of the more unusual UFO/animal cases I’ve ever heard of.

I have to take a moment to thank the producers of “Monumental Mysteries” (later renamed to “Mysteries at the Monument,” the “Mysteries at the Museum” spin-off), for having me on their show to talk about this case a few years ago. I’ve been lucky repeatedly with that show to first get asked on to talk about a chilling ghost story associated with one of California’s original Spanish Missions, which I talked about during one of my livestreams here (at about the 34 minute mark):

I was also able to consult on a story about one of my favorite aspects of odd/macabre somewhat lost LA history, Murphy’s Ranch/Nazi Camp. That, by the way, is a location that’s changed a lot over the last few years, and I’ve filmed there several times for a video I am WAY overdue to make.

For those who are subscribers to Discovery+, please find the following episodes of note from season 2 (and I’m listing the episode title instead of the number as the production number appears different everywhere you look):

  • “Kecksburg Space Acorn; Skyscraper Swindle; Emperor of the U.S.” I discuss the haunted Spanish Mission, Mission San Miguel Arcángel
  • “Kidnapping the Sacred Cod; Baseball’s Forgotten Hero; the Artichoke War” – Noted Illinois paranormal researcher Troy Taylor tells the story of the Watseka Wonder
  • “Lucy the Elephant; Capitol Bomber; Hitler in Hollywood” – Murphy’s Ranch episode
  • “The Mystery of Captain Thunderbolt; Newsboy’s Versus the World; the Rocket Man” – I talk about the “Snippy” UFO/horse story

Anyway, back to Snippy…

As the story goes, strange lights were observed in the sky one October night. A few days later a family horse was discovered deceased after having been missing since the night the lights were observed. I need to note that this the area of the Great Sand Dunes National Park, which is a common location to see UFOs or other unexplainable lights in the sky before the event and ever since.

So, not only do they find this horse dead along with the typical traits that accompany cattle mutilation stories (organs usually removed with surgical precision, an absence of blood despite significant wounds), but there is so much more that makes this case a little extra unusual. Let’s start with the most dramatic – all of the organic material has been removed from the skull and the exposed neck bones and skull are bleach white even though it’s only been -at the most- three days since this horse has died.

The wounds appear to be cauterized as if the cutting was done with a heated knife (or in today’s terminology a laser scalpel). Cue the quote from Johnny Depp/Tim Burton’s “Sleepy Hollow.”

Ichabod Crane: The wound was cauterized in the very instant, as though the blade itself were red-hot. And yet, no blistering, no scorched flesh.

Samuel: The Devil’s fire.

There was one mysterious fact, I intentionally did not report during my interview. “Snippy’s” body was found a good 100-150 feet from the nearest footprints, including her own hoofprints. Seeing as how we are talking about an area in or near sand dunes, and the passage of a few days, it does not take any time at all for wind and sand to erase such traces.

More mysterious findings from the odd scene:

  • A piece of metal along, covered with horse hair was discovered nearby along with odd gelatinous blobs in the area. When witnesses touched this objects, they would cause the skin to burn until whatever residue they picked up was washed off with simple soap and water.
  • A number of burn marks and indentations were found in the ground about 100 yards from Snippy’s body along with some plant life that had been flattened.
  • The area with the indentations and burn marks (the landing/take-off area?), the strange blobs and the piece of metal all registered a radiation hit when tested by geiger counters.
  • In the days the followed, a variety of people involved with this case, including authorities, reported being followed by low flying, illuminated objects in the sky (the skeptical side of me starts to wonder if there could’ve been some fear-fueled hallucinations at this point).

So, this is far more than your typical cattle mutilation case where, more likely than not, it’s a simple case of an animal dying and scavengers picking away at the body.

The skeptical explanation states that someone randomly shot the horse (yes, people can be jags, by why randomly kill a horse?) and it fell on a colony of fire ants. This would explain how the face of the horse would’ve been so cleanly removed of flesh. However, this would’ve been very obvious immediately…. because the investigators would’ve been brushing ants off of themselves the whole time. And for as ferocious as fire ants are, they don’t cauterize wounds as they go, nor do they bleach the bones once they’re done. Oh, also they wouldn’t have littered the place with radiation.

In today’s modern age, it would’ve been amazing to test those strange, radio active blobs to see what they were made of, but none of the evidence (blobs or the hair-covered metal) remains. It would be interesting to re-visit the location and see if there still is radiation in the area. Perhaps we’re ready for a spin-off series to “Skinwalker Ranch.”

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