What’s Your Favorite Serial Killer Movie? Vanity Fair / Criminologist Reacts

I am working on the final polish of a couple of articles while also just conducting our first on-location episode of the Fantastic Story Society podcast from a haunted location where we also conducted a paranormal investigation. While I get all of that content ready, I wanted to take advantage of the Halloween season (hey, for me Halloween starts in late August), by taking an insightful look at some of the best serial killer horror movies from the perspective of a criminologist.

Now, just to be clear, this is not my original content, just something interesting I thought fans of this site would also enjoy. If you are a fan of this kind of content, you should absolutely give a listen to our Fantastic Story Society interview with serial killer writer Harold Schechter (big time content warning on this podcast episode as it does get dark):  https://tinyurl.com/y5bvy7gt

Also, if you’re a big fan of The Silence of the Lambs, like me, you’ll probably be excited to learn that you can visit Hannibal Lecter’s prison set in the hear of Hollywood! (link takes you to an article of mine)

So, enjoy this behind the curtain look at how someone in law enforcement sees some of the most celebrated serial killer films, brought to you from Vanity Fair:

What’s your favorite serial killer movie or show? Comment below!

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