New to THEATERS October 2021 (for horror, paranormal fans)

For the first time in a year, I missed a month – wow, September was busy with paranormal conferences, investigations, speeches, etc. Oddly, October will bring a more relaxed month – plenty of time to write new posts & watch horror movies! There will be a separate post for streaming, but let’s start with the big screen!

Now, I personally have not yet ventured into a theater since the pandemic started, but I am VERY much looking forward to breaking that drought when the new Ghostbusters comes out. Unfortunately, that’s not happening until closer to Thanksgiving. Here’s what’s hit theaters recently and what’s coming in October for horror and paranormal fans:

Late August Releases
August 20:
The Night House (wide release) – Great spooky mystery I viewed at Sundance 2020. What would you do if a seemingly mirror image house to your own appears at night on the other side of the lake you live on? (as of the writing of this post, it’s only still in 41 theaters nation-wide)
Demonic (Limited) – Demonic possession-meets-“eXistenZ”-style ambiguous reality (it appears (this one didn’t perform well in theaters & my guess is that it’s already out of movie houses and will be streaming soon).
Cryptozoo (limited) – Animated feature about a zoo displaying cryptids. I was able to screen this one via the 2021 Sundance film fest. It’s a much more serious film than the description might elicit, and the filmmakers took great care to feature hundreds of actual cryptids that appear in folklore & mythology. This feature introduced me to the akephaloi. (out of theaters now)

Aug 27:
Candyman (Wide) – Terrifying looking reboot of the modern classic (2,556 theaters)
Death Rider in the House of Vampires (limited) – Very (and I mean VERY) campy western vampire flick w/ Danzig & Danny Trejo (also likely out of theaters and streaming soon

September Releases
Sept 3:
We Need to Do Something (limited) – a family, first hunkering down for a storm finds themselves trapped indoors by *something* keeping them trapped inside.

Sept 10:
Malignant (wide) – A woman realizes troubling visions she’s having are true events playing out in real time. Directed by James Wan, so you know it’ll be quality. Was in 2,500 theaters last weekend, but it hasn’t done great business, so it might be harder to find soon.

Sept 17
The Nowhere Inn (limited) – Musician St. Vincent plays herself in this trippy horror music mockmuentary. Still hanging tight around 40 theaters

October Releases
Oct 1
The Addams Family 2 (wide) – CG Animated sequel to the 2019 feature

Oct 8
Lamb (limited) – An isolated Icelandic couple discover a newborn baby on their farm. Doesn’t sound too creepy until you notice that this is released by A24, which also put out “The Witch” and “Midsommar.”

Oct 15
Halloween Kills (wide) – Jamie Lee Curtis is back for the 12th “Halloween” installment
Monster Family 2 (limited) – CG kids feature with a lot of the Universal Monsters and other creatures from folklore

Oct 29
Antlers (limited) – Could be the real diamond in the rough. Good tie-in to folklore and a legendary creature in this creepy horror.

There’s just never enough horror releases in October – so strange to me. Oh well, I’ll be back soon with all the best streaming has to offer in October

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