NEW ghost sighted near N. Illinois construction site

In suburban, unincorporated Lake County, Illinois (the county North of Chicago’s Cook County) a long-undeveloped piece of land is finally under construction for the very first time.  The piece of land is the last undeveloped piece of property on a street full of houses around 35 years old.  The real estate listing for the undeveloped acre read:

“Wonderfully rare acre lot… Overlooks the golf course.  Small area of
property is conservation area.  Enjoy a quiet and picturesque [lifestyle].”

Well, if the recent sightings in late September 2021 are any indications, the lifestyle might not be so quiet.

The actual construction site from where a female spirit may be originating.
Female spirit seen in a similar style dress.

The first sighting came from a long-time neighbor living across the street whose attention was first drawn to the apparition by a swarm of bats that seemed to be collecting above and following a woman who was going for a walk.  Completely strange in and of itself, he then noticed that the woman was wearing attire not of this era.  She was in long sleeved, possibly cuffed, a floor-length dress.  I forgot to inquire about hair style or whether or not she was wearing a hat.  A historic illustration appears at the right – this should by no means be considered exactly what the specter looked like, but merely the impression I got when hearing the stories.

So, the first and most obvious question… bats – really?  Yes, it sounds like pure Halloween fodder, but the visage was seen at sunset when bats normally come out in this area.  We know that animals are more sensitive to the paranormal, so perhaps her appearance, naturally coinciding with the waking bats, simply attracted their curiosity for a time.

Another reported sighting happened at a different time and completely independent of the above-listed sighting.  Neither witness was aware of the other’s sighting at the time.  This neighbor lived on the same side of the street, a few doors down and aligns much more with the skeptical approach (but still open-minded) towards the paranormal.  He saw the same woman in the same vintage dress and was struck by two things:  How thin she was and how, from head to toe, she seemed to be all one color.  I’m imagining this is a faded white with shadows providing some definition.  The bats did not accompany her on this sighting, but she again was seen during sunset.

St. Sava’s in Libertyville, IL, epicenter to a number of memorable hauntings that ended just as quickly as they started, focused around the summer of the year 2000.

Many thoughts first come to mind when hearing these stories.  First, is the spate of intense paranormal encounters that popped up in the summer of 2000 in nearby Libertyville, IL when construction around St. Sava’s Serbian Monastary may have upset some spirits of individuals laid to rest in its graveyard.  These were some of the most harrowing ghost stories I’ve ever heard, but as soon as construction was complete, no more reports were made.  Will the ghostly woman still go for an evening stroll after construction of the house is finished?

If there is a direct connection between developing this land and the new paranormal sightings, what is this woman’s link to the property?  If this were a Hollywood movie, the obvious next plot point would be discovering her body buried in the grounds, and hey, that MIGHT be the next real life chapter of this story too, for all we know.

Or perhaps, it’s less macabre and this person had a positive sentimental connection with this land and the activity has somehow allowed her to come back for another few sunset strolls before the property is completely unlike anything she’d remember.

I must also make a connection that there was a mysterious death of a woman in this neighborhood in the 1920s that’s very hard to find information for.  While I think this woman’s ghostly attire might make this specter a little too old to be connected with the mysterious death, it’s impossible to rule out entirely.  This will be an exciting and unfolding new haunting to keep tabs on.  I anticipate we’ll have updates in the not-too-distant future.

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