Dealing with A**hole Commenters on YouTube + LA & all towns are worth celebrating

This is a 2-part series on dealing with odd YouTube comments. The next article will specifically be about a famous haunted location in Chicago while this article is more generally about travel.

As a bit of a YouTuber myself, one might think this article is about a comment on one of my videos, but alas, it’s not. As a fan of my former home of Los Angeles, I can’t help but check out occasional travel-related videos when it comes to LA. Sadly, it’s become difficult to find videos that are authentically a guide to Los Angeles, which is why I felt the need to drop a nice comment on the below video (feel free to take a moment and check it out below from YouTuber Wolters World, who has 820+k subscribers and his large video library has been viewed over 190 million times. He is a world traveler and at a time we were all stuck inside due to the pandemic (or just via miserable winter weather), it’s always a blast to browse through his stuff. Here’s the link to his YT library of content.

After viewing a well-done video, I placed the following comment, which was followed immediately by the response you see in the same graphic:

First off, what a dick, huh? Making a video is a time-consuming venture and it’s not easy to get a compliment in the hostile world that is the YouTube comments section, so I thought I’d give a shout out while continuing the conversation of the video in the comments.

So, the question for me – how to respond?

The knee-jerk reaction is to say what I just typed here. However, I do take great pride in turning around a negative situation and going positive with it. I’ve had unreal success in the past turning a conversation in one of my videos from someone accusing me of being a soulless publicity whore (yeah, YouTube can be an unprovoked minefield) into the same exact person giving me scoops on other haunted places I should do videos on (I’m not a Boy Scout, but I should get a merit badge for that one). Spread positivity, even in the face of a troll – ya just never know.

Still, I’m a little happy with what I ended up coming up with here:

So, even though it was quite obvious what this person was doing, I opted to play dumb and respond innocently. I am most proud of my final line, which is that I honestly do believe I could cater a tour to ANYONE who is visiting LA and show them a great time. Do I really believe they were in LA for a couple months (or even at all) recently? No. I’m sure they were just raging against LA because it’s a hip thing to do. Just as I was happy to see the video didn’t have a negative angle to it, I’m sure this person was angry that it didn’t.

Another YouTuber came to my defense and called “Brian C’s” comment exactly what it was. It was the element of the comment that I chose to play dumb to, but I do think this person called it out in a proper, not antagonistic way:

Political, absolutely. And what I said in my only followup comment is something I believe. ALL places are worth celebrating. I love Chicago, New York, LA & San Francisco. I also love Topeka, KS; Knoxville, TN; Ironwood, MI; Goodsprings, NV & Louisville. If it’s a major city or a small town, located in a ‘blue state’ or a ‘red state,’ all of these places have interesting histories, something in nature to appreciate and they are populated by interesting and inspiring people. Who they voted for in the previous election, I could frankly give a s— about.

I have a friend who is a ghost story enthusiast out of Kentucky. After he gave my wife and I a great tour of his own, I offered, “if you ever come up to Chicago, I’ll give you a weekend-long tour that’ll blow your mind.” His response was that he would never go to Chicago. His reasoning had nothing to do with the rash of violent crime that’s (rightfully) reported on constantly. It is a major issue within the city, and random crimes do happen, but for the most part, it’s possible to enjoy the windy city safely. Naturally, I wouldn’t be putting us into dangerous situations. No, his rejection of the city was purely on red/blue lines of belief. We’ve only got a short time on this amazing planet where we’re able to set our own schedules (where we’re not kids or in school) while also being upwardly mobile (not confined to a wheelchair or bed), so allowing media organizations or a clickbait-driven narrative to rob you of what could be amazing experiences is nothing short of tragic.

Back in 2020, I did my weekly ghost storytelling livestream series. I was able to keep it up for 26 episodes, a solid half year. Before getting into the tales, I’d have a non-ghost story-related conversation starter type of question to ask. That weekly question got so many people commenting and chatting amongst themselves. It was amazing to see as my purpose was to unite the audience at a very divided time over the many, many commonalities we all share as people. Here’s one random example (not all are on YouTube as the livestream series originated on Facebook) where the question of the week was “What’s Geeky About You?”):

Anyways, I will dismount my soapbox now and hope that, though this wasn’t a ghost story or horror movie-related site, that you still found it interesting and maybe left you with a new perspective. Let’s leave our politics at the door and get back to enjoying life!

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