Bucket List Location: The Los Feliz Murder House

This is our second recent article about an “affected” house in an affluent Los Angeles neighborhood…almost a ghost-hunting-meets-Zillow sub-series. To view our article about the LaBianca/Manson murder house, recently bought, then sold by the biggest ghost hunting para-celebrity,’ check out this link.

This is the next installment of my constantly growing list of locations that I consider must-visit locations that every paranormal enthusiast, investigator, explorer, or adventurer needs to see before they die. A paranormal (before I kick the)bucket list. I’ll share updates in the form of a travelogue and a report of my take from a paranormal investigator’s point of view.

It was way back in 2013 that I first wrote about the “Los Feliz Murder House,” the infamous, mysterious and beyond tragic tale of the doctor who abruptly attempted to kill his entire family before committing suicide in 1959. This heinous act is really only part of what makes this location noteworthy (also, I and everyone on the internet has already done a deeper look into the crime itself, so if you’d like more context, feel free to check out this short video below):

What makes the location extra unique is that it was essentially a locked-in-time relic from the night of the Perelson murders. As some sites would explain, “the house was still decorated for Christmas, 1959, with presents still wrapped and sitting under the tree and in-progress board games on the table.”

I have visited the site on numerous occasions, usually providing an “unseen LA” tour to a visiting friend or showing a long-time resident the creepy location they’ve lived near all their life without knowing it. Though I have been known to do a little urban exploring in my life, the combination of the many ‘No Trespassing’ signs, the upscale neighborhood (with neighbors keeping an eye out), the claims of motion detectors on the property and…. Well… the real creepiness of the place kept me uneasily at arm’s length, never even considering stepping beyond a simple single chainlink boundary. Therefore, I don’t know exactly how ‘locked in time’ the location really was (the murders happened on December 6, which seems a little early to have presents already under the tree, however, I’m usually still shopping on Dec 24, so I’m not a good judge).

The location has always possessed a grand allure to me. Was it haunted? Apparently no one has lived here since the murders occurred, so we really don’t know. In fact, as operator of the LA Hauntings Tours (now American Ghost Walks-Hollywood), I was once approached by “Ghost Adventures” for episode ideas and I had to lead off with, “If there’s any one location in LA I’d want to investigate, it’s the Los Feliz Murder House, but it’d be a very tough one to pull off.”

If you are a dedicated follower of this site and/or our YouTube channel, you know I love doing paranormal investigations at places that aren’t already considered haunted to see if there is something ‘left behind’ where others haven’t looked yet, and this is almost too easy an example.

The “Los Feliz Murder House” as seen on Google Maps

As the story goes, the people who owned this property for nearly 60 years actually lived in Florida and never moved into the house. There are some claims that only the garage was used for storage. My guess, and it is just a guess, is that the owners treated the property like a stock. Put your money in and then just let time and appreciation help increase the value. I have no idea what the property sold for in the ‘60s (probably not all that much considering the recent news), but we do know that it sold in 2016 for almost $2.3 million (initial asking price was $2.75 million).

Once the new owners took over, they gutted the home during renovation. Considering the house hadn’t been lived in for more than half a century, I can’t imagine the mold, pest and natural aging (rot) that the house must have suffered through. The ghost hunting preservationist in me would’ve loved to conduct investigations with the house exactly as-is, but that no longer was an option. Considering the practical realities of the house, stripping it down to the bare bones was the only logical step.

So, with a new and local owner finally taking control of the house in 2016, do we finally get to learn if the house is haunted?

Sigh…. Nope.

The massive Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis House, famous for numerous iconic films, towers over the “murder house.”

About two and a half years after purchasing the house , the new owners put the it back up for sale without having completed the renovations. Still, the house has been without a live-in occupant since the night of the murders in 1959. These owners claimed that based on the amount of work they wanted to do, the home would’ve required a re-grade of the hill it’s on (which naturally means they’d have to tear the house down, re-grade the hill, then rebuild). Rather than do that, they decided to sell, possibly allowing the new owners to simply finish a smaller-scale remodel within the existing house.

After listing the house for sale in 2019 at $3.5 million, it ended up selling in December 2020 for $2.35 million.

It remains to be seen if the house will be destroyed or merely fixed up. Our hope, of course, is that an open-minded person takes ownership of the murder house on Glendower Place in Los Feliz, restores it to its former glory, fills the house with new, positive life….. and of course, shares with the rest of us any stories if something there does “go bump in the night.”

Outside links:

The Actual Zillow listing – https://www.zillow.com/homes/2475-Glendower-Pl-Los-Angeles,-CA-90027_rb/20809000_zpid/

See Photos of the Interior of the gutted house here: https://www.dirt.com/gallery/locations/historical-locations/los-feliz-murder-house-sold-perelson-1203343371/lb-los-feliz-murder-house-17/

Curbed, always a great resource (I miss this site): https://la.curbed.com/2015/9/21/9920706/los-feliz-murder-house

A full podcast series on the location (note: I have not listened to this yet, so I cannot vouch for this one, but I’m looking forward to checking it out): https://thelosfelizmurdermansion.com/

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