Joe Posnanski, writer of The Life & Afterlife of Harry Houdini & The Baseball 100

Baseball is back & it’s Harry Houdini’s birthday (happy 148th, Eric Weiss!) Perfect time to check out our conversation with Joe Posnanski author of “The Life & Afterlife of Harry Houdini” & “The Baseball 100.” I’m very excited to be able to give some shout-outs to friends of mine who are important to this episode including John Cox (of, Pete Shukoff (YouTuber Nice Peter, co-creator of Epic Rap Battles of History) & Richard Carradine (creator of the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles/G.H.O.U.L.A.)

And I have to admit that at the time of the interview I hadn’t yet listened to a single episode of his podcast, “The Poscast,” but I haven’t missed a single one ever since and have listened to an embarrassing number of past episodes as well (his conversation with comic Flula Borg is amazing. This was expected as Max & I have also had the good fortune to be able to interview Flula at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago – talk about having a unique “voice” as a creator!). His conversations with Michael Schur are infinitely entertaining and when he sits down with Bob Costas, it’s a great look at ‘inside baseball,’ sometimes quite literally.

Our Fantastic Story: Harry Houdini once captured an unexplainable photo while trying to debunk an alleged spirit photo in downtown LA.

Joe’s Fantastic Story: Debunking, but still finding kernels of truth in a baseball legend.

Joe’s Intro:

Today we are joined by our second straight Sub-Stack writer after the amazing David Farrier closed out 2021 for us. Joe Posnanski is a baseball man through and through. Current writer for The Athletic, but he’s written for a number of other regional and national publications including Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports, and many, many more. His blog, has been nominated for a National Magazine Award. Really, he’s won so many different prestigious awards and even had one named after him. He’s got a podcast too called “The Poscast,” which he co-hosts with Michael Schur of “The Office,” “Parks & Rec” and “The Good Place Fame.” Oh & the King of All Media himself is an accomplished book writer as well, profiling a number of fascinating names, not just throughout sports, but throughout history. We’ll be talking today a lot about Harry Houdini and his latest book. “The Baseball 100,” which was released towards the end of 2021.

We are proud to welcome Joe Posnanski to the Fantastic Story Society!

Search for the Fantastic Story Society on any of your favorite podcast apps & please do let us know if the show isn’t appearing for you. Or, stream directly from one of the following links:

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