I Take a Look at the Screenplays of The Dark Knight & Free Guy (+Talking Righteous Gemstones)

Dark Knight, Free Guy, Righteous Gemstones – all quality!

As I mentioned in my last video, the day job for me involves (among other things) running and producing content for a pop culture and art of filmmaking YouTube channel for the International Screenwriters’ Association. A couple recent videos might be of interest to readers of this site, so I’ll include them below.

My screenplay formatting series allows me to answer a “how do I do this” type of question when it comes to screenplay writing. I show how I would write a famous scene and then I take a look at how it was done in the actual screenplay. In this edition, I take a look at “The Dark Knight” sequence where Rachel & Harvey are being held hostage at different warehouses:

First Impressions is a weekly video series that usually presents a side-by-side look at the opening of a movie along with the shooting script, also pointing out which elements were adjusted even between the shooting script and the final cut. Well, when I attempted to do this for “Free Guy”, I ran into the obstacle of only being able to find an earlier version of the screenplay. Since, the side-by-side couldn’t work, I decided to talk through the differences and analyze why the changes were made. It’s always fun to take a behind the scenes look at an early draft of a famous film:

Lastly, and this one’s not part of a series, but… well, I just really found myself an excuse to talk about the Righteous Gemstones, which I love (check it out on HBO if you haven’t seen it):

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