Paranormal YouTube Round-Up: Winchester House, Moving Desert Rocks & Is Australia Real?

I always like sharing the best, most entertaining content out there while discussing mysterious topics. Having this modest site is a great opportunity to elevate some of the best creators out there. Now, let’s get our weird on!

A walking stone seen in Death Valley Nat’l Park, CA, Racetrack Playa. Image from Wikipedia.

The Century-Old Mystery of Self-Moving Rocks in the Desert
Let’s start with one long-time mystery that appears to be solved. There are a number of deserts around the world that report evidence of an unexplained phenomena… sizable rocks, sometimes several hundred pounds in weight, that move on their own when no one’s looking. Sometimes referred to as ‘sailing rocks,’ they leave evidence of their travels in a trail in the sand. I mean, just look at this image to the right and see how unusual this is. It’s the desert’s version of a crop circle.

If you believe it’s paranormal or part of an elaborate hoax, you’d be understood for thinking such things. From the paranormal explanation standpoint, people have pointed to UFOs/an alien influence and speculated on everything from Native American lore to other spiritual forces. A more scientific suggestion postulates that the stones move slowly downhill, thanks to gravity & minute vibrations (however, the trails also show that they move uphill & sometimes randomly make sharp turns, regardless of gravity). Even among scientists, they’ve continually declared the mystery “SOLVED!” before then looking again and seeing that their findings were disproved. Thanks to more modern observational tech, I think we finally move this one into the ‘explained’ categorgy.

Was Sarah Winchester crazy and/or haunted by those who were killed by the gun bearing her family name?
If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ve already heard of the great researcher / storyteller / YouTuber (and comic book creator), Kaz Rowe. A lot of what she talks about is right up our alley… from ghost hunting to unusual or lost history. A perfect combination of all of that lands in the Bay Area, specifically at the so-called Winchester Mystery House.

We’ve all heard the story over and over… Sarah Winchester was either so guilt-ridden by all the death connected to the Winchester repeating riffle OR she was literally haunted by these victims. The lore goes on to say that she attempted to create a house big enough to house all of these disembodied spirits while constructing something so odd that it would confuse the spirits.

Here’s one question people don’t generally think to ask (myself included until just now): If the legend was true and she was intentionally building a house for spirits to inhabit… why would she live there? Doesn’t really make sense when you think about it. Take it away, Kaz:

So, now we are two videos in that may come off as though this is a skeptic web site. In this specific case, I don’t have personal experience either way at the Winchester House, though I’ve heard tons of claims that strange phenomena does happen here. Are we curiosity-seekers the ones leaving an eerie energy behind to then haunt those who come after, also looking for something odd? When it comes to effectively conducting a paranormal investigation, the first necessary step is doing serious research. Go in trying to make contact with Ms. Winchester by following a false history won’t help you on your journey. Find the real history and then conduct your serious investigation.

Is Australia Real or just an elaborate hoax?
Okay, I admit, this was just an excuse to have a little fun (while taking every possible opportunity to have fun at the expense of flat-earthers (eye roll emoji). Awesome, fun comedy YouTuber (and Australian…. or sentient holograph) Ozzy Man disputes the claims about his homeland with a series of ‘only in Australia’ videos. Think of this as a fun, R-Rated (for language) version of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

Ozzy Man did do a very fascinating roundtable chat with a number of people currently in Ukraine recently too. Nothing paranormal about this video, just a good one to keep passing around to get the real life perspective from regular citizens about daily life in the besieged country:

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