Haunted Filming Location: The Tribune Tower + Parks & Rec

I would love to hear from you if you used to work in the Tribune Tower for any organization (beyond WGN or the Tribune Company). And I’d love to hear from you if you are a current resident living in the amazing building. Please contact me here.

Please enjoy the first of a long video series I’m going to do that combines famous filming locations with haunted locations and ghost stories. The best of both worlds! I’m a pop culture nerd who geeks out on visiting filming locations and of course, you know I’m into haunted histories. Here’s the first installment:

The Tribune Tower is an amazing location and, while it’s still hard to imagine that the Tribune isn’t based in the Tribune Tower (it hasn’t since 2018), maybe there is a silver lining. Maybe now that we’ll have more people living on site, more stories might start to come to light.

For those who haven’t yet seen my investigation of the tower back in 2014, please enjoy the video below:

More Parks & Rec chat thanks to “Mike the Fanboy” https://www.mikethefanboy.com/parks-and-rec-on-filming-location-in-chicago-chris-pratt/

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