Not Wordle, WORLDLE – an usual place to find Ghost Stories? (Voodoo, Easter Island, Atlantis?)

Who else misses travel? Who else wishes they were at least a little better at geography? Who at least misses new episodes of Expedition Unknown (last new episode was August 2021, so I’m getting antsy).

In the vein of the fad that is Wordle and the many, many spin-offs….. we’ll, here’s another one. Get an image of a country on it’s own. You don’t know what’s around it and you don’t even know the scale. Just take a shot in the dark to get the ball rolling and you’ll find out how close you are, which direction the actual country is from your guess (those arrows are very general and not specific) and how many kilometers away you are. As an American, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage as miles are the more common unit of measurement for me. The one tip I’ve learned is that if my guess is off by 10,000+ km, that means I need to cross an ocean (go to/from the Americas to Europe/Asia). Wanna try for yourself? Here’s the link:

In the video, I mentioned I would go over how I got to the previous puzzle answer and I forgot to circle back to it. So, let’s do that here. My first guess was France. Not because I really thought it was France, but between Norway, Sweden, Finland & the UK, there are a number of countries in this general shape (tall), but more importantly, I wanted to see if we were talking about a place in Europe. We were not.

Going by my rule that 10,000 km away (I rounded up a little) means I need to go across an ocean, I jumped to Panama. If I was paying better attention, I would’ve noticed that that the arrow would’ve been pointing left/west. So, I got my answer that Panama was way the F off. So, I’ve already broken my own rule as western Europe and Eastern Asia can be around 10,000 away from each other without crossing an ocean.

So, eastern Asia it is! I started with Vietnam and ended up 95% of the way there. Usually once I’m at or over 95% or if I feel I have located the country that boarders the country in question, that’s when I allow myself to snoop around on Google Earth. However, I decided to give Cambodia a try and found myself just 40km closer (speaking of Cambodia, everyone, take a moment to check out the Hulu documentary “Donut King.” Very impressive doc. Satisfied I did a good job, I let Google Maps take me across the finish line. And for the record, Laos does boarder both Cambodia and Vietnam, so I’m satisfied with my guesses.

In the end, it’s not about ‘being right,’ it’s about learning.

Lastly, here’s that bright insight link I mention:

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