Giving a Ghost Tour of Lake County Illinois this weekend!


I’m coming back to home, sweet home: Lake County, Illinois! I’ll be co-hosting an all-day long (with lunch provided) tour of my favorite haunted locations in the northeastern most county in Illinois (which is Lake County, north of Chicago, if you’re not a local).

My book, which features The Gate in Libertyville, IL. There’s a reason it’s on the cover and there’s a reason it’s the grand finale of the tour.

I’ve given this tour just a handful of times before and have always had a blast with it. When I was first writing my book, Voices from the Chicago Grave, in the late ’90s/early ’00s, there had already been a wave of really well-executed books on haunted Chicagoland, namely Chicago Haunts (Bielski) & Windy City Ghosts (Kazmarek). While these books did reach into the burbs, it was the city haunts that really got the heaviest attention. I figured this was my time to shine the spotlight on the ‘burbs and HOLY HELL, we’ve got some creepy stuff up here (I do want to make it clear, that I’m not bashing the other books, just saying when you grow up in a certain area, the location itself is in your DNA and you know my inherently just because that area is part of YOU. So, I love telling Lake County stories and really love SHOWING people the haunted history of the northern most reaches of IL).

A tour group exploring haunted White Cemetery off of Cuba Road, which I consider the North Side’s answer to Bachelor’s Grove.

I will be co-hosting this along with veteran Chicago guide and paranormal investigator Tony Szabelski and we’ll be able to talk on all of your paranormal questions as well. Tony has a lot more experience than I when it comes to paranormal investigation and he’s been living in the Chicago area for a while now, so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more on updates since I wrote my book. Meanwhile, if people have any questions on other famous sites including in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, I’d be happy to speak on that too as the creator of tours in Downtown LA & Hollywood.

The historic & haunted Mineola Resort is on the tour – see it while you can as it is a very endangered building and won’t be around for long.

The tour is $80 per person, which might sound a little steep, but keep in mind it is an all day (7-hour) event which contains lunch at a haunted location. Oh & you’ll be comfortably seated in a nice air conditioned bus – you’ll be comfortable, even if it’s in the upper 90s. (that felt too sales pitchy, even for me, but I just wanted you to know about the cost up front and why.

Below is more information about the event, from the event site & the link to buy your tickets via

Led by veteran paranormal researchers, this tour is a 7-hour paranormal adventure, where you’ll explore cemeteries, historic sites and more and lunch at a haunted establishment. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather, as we have numerous stops outdoors with some walking involved. Lunch included with soft drinks. Cash bar available at lunch stop. Bring your cameras and ghost hunting tools if you have them, or try out ours!

Includes full 7-hour tour with transportation and lunch. Cash bar at lunch stop. Book here


From the notorious “Gate” of Libertyville—where legend tells of a long lost girls’ school massacre—to a treacherous witch, still violent and vengeful after death in a Wadsworth cemetery . . . from the ghosts of Cuba Road to the werewolves of Antioch. This 7 hour coach tour with stops will introduce you to the ghost lore of this storied county, stopping for lunch at an actively haunted pub.

Important Info

  • Bring a snack and water if desired.
  • BYOB is ok. But no hard coolers, please.
  • Bring cameras and ghost hunting equipment!

If you’re interested in taking an all-day ride around the haunted history of Northern Illinois, click here!


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