FSS: Tim Ellis, Co-Founder of the Michigan ParaCon, author, host & Paranormal Investigator

As we call into order this meeting, we are excited to induct a new member who tells stories in multiple formats… from radio to book writing, to hosting a MAJOR, successful annual event. Oh yes, and he’s explored countless haunted locations himself, on the hunt for evidence of active hauntings.  Find him as co-host along with Brad Blair, of Creaking Door Paranormal Radio, broadcast locally & available wherever podcasts are found and as co-author of two books on the legends and lore of the U.P., meaning Upper Peninsula of Michigan, for those not in the know.  And I have to personally thank he & Brad for creating the sandbox and playground for us all to play in as I have had so much fun and made so many friends at their event, the Michigan Paranormal Convention, the 12th iteration of which is just around the corner, happening August 25-27 in the beautiful town of Salt Ste. Marie.  Tim Ellis, welcome!  Our latest inductees to the Fantastic Story Society!

Tim shares a couple amazing UFO stories associated with the Upper Great Lakes region and he entices Max & Scott to look for vacation property in the remote and supernaturally charged Isle Royale in Northern Lake Superior.

Scott’s Fantastic Story is actually a recent experience of bringing a tour group to The Gate in Libertyville, IL when some paranormal communication started, unprovoked.

Search for the Fantastic Story Society on any of your favorite podcast apps & please do let us know if the show isn’t appearing for you. Or, stream directly from one of the following links:


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