Call for info: Are the Paulina Street Lofts (Chicago) haunted?

The history of this 1890-built 4-story structure includes hauntings… and now it’s a residential building. What are the current residents experiencing?

While at the recent Michigan ParaCon in Sault Ste. Marie, I was talking about haunted locations in Chicago with one attendee, who was a former Chicago resident. She shared information with me about a, according to her, VERY actively haunted location on the city’s north side Ravenswood Neighborhood.

She said the building, built in 1890, was formerly a Masonic Lodge when she frequently visited it. The building also housed Native American artifacts as part of the structure was used as an American Indian Center. She did make sure to note that the activity was happening before it was used as an American Indian Center, so the paranormal activity was not linked to those artifacts.

Paranormal activity included very commonly hearing people within the building, walking around and overall inhabiting the second floor when the only people on site were on the first floor. It was alleged by her that the activity was so frequent and disruptive that it was at least a contributing factor to the Masons deciding to sell the building. As often happens, a developer purchased the building. Based on older photos, it appears the building was not demolished and re-built, but it was renovated into 24 residential units.

Interestingly, the listing for this address (1630 W Wilson Ave) uses an old Google Street View image, showing the American Indian Center sign over the front door.

She seemed quite curious – what’s going on in that building now? The current residents must be experiencing all sorts of activity… but are they? If you are a resident of this location or have visited it since its conversion to lofts, have you experienced anything unusual here? Did you have experiences here back when this site was a Masonic Lodge and/or an American Indian Center? Please do let us know in the comments as we would love to get a full picture of the history and hauntings of this building.


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