British Ghosts, South African Cryptids & Aleister Crowley – FSS Inductee, MJ Dickson

Max & Scott dive into working on ghost hunting TV shows with producer and investigator MJ Dickson, who has looked into paranormal stories & haunted locations across the globe. Her fantastic story alone is worth tuning in for!

As we call this meeting of the Fantastic Story Society into session, we are honored to induct a new member… An African-born Brit, she’s a writer, producer, investigator, entrepreneur, organizer of her own live events including the Sage ParaCon, which was something we really enjoyed virtually during the pandemic. She’s an overall curator of all stories paranormal.  So, yes, the PERFECT person to help us kick off our fourth year of the Fantastic Story Society.  She

is associated with a bevy of popular paranormal investigation shows, both behind and in front of the camera, including Destination Fear, Paranormal Lockdown and many more.  She’s also the only person I’ve ever heard described as a skeptical psychic.  I am looking forward to talking about haunted sites around the globe and hearing some great ghost stories from our newest member, Ms. MJ Dickson.

I do want to also mention early that you can find her at and from there you can find out much more about her including how to be part of her Patreon community.

Check out the upcoming dumb supper here:

In MJ’s fantastic story, she mentions a famous ghost photo she snapped. You can see the photo here:

MJ’s sites: &
Check out the upcoming dumb supper here:
More info on the Nyami Nyami:

Search for the Fantastic Story Society on any of your favorite podcast apps & please do let us know if the show isn’t appearing for you. Or, stream directly from one of the following links:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Happy October!
2:00 – My nephew is spooky
3:01 – Halloween season is here
4:18 – MJ Dickson, our first investigator
5:15 – Paranormal television
11:55 – Working in paranormal television
14:51 – The importance of conventions
16:08 – Tim Ellis & Jeff Belanger
17:00 – Ghost hunting shows in England
21:10 – How real are ghost hunting shows?
22:55 – Destination Fear & Spike Island
24:45 – Poveglia Island & San Servolo Island
28:30 – Shooting “In Search of the Paranormal” during COVID
29:55 – Live paranormal investigations over Zoom
31:10 – Being a skeptical psychic
36:30 – Being a female ghost hunter
40:43 – Attitude about the paranormal in South Africa
42:19 – Nyami Nyami, the Zimbabwe river creature
44:40 – Paranormal TV invasion of Southern Africa
45:35 – Importance of EVPs to ghost hunting
47:12 – Developing psychic ability
52:45 – Live event: Sage ParaCons in 2023
57:38 – Bell Grove Plantation, Witches Dumb Supper, King George Virginia Oct 2022
1:03:00 – Cards Against the Paranormal
1:03:30 – Fantastic Story: Ghost photo + Aleister Crowley’s automatic writing
1:11:28 – Aleister Crowley
1:13:25 – Halloween in South Africa and England


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