The Old LA Zoo: Haunted Filming Location (Parks & Rec Penguin Wedding + Anchorman)

I recently made what must be my dozenth visit to the Old LA Zoo (formerly the Griffith Park Zoo) on the valley side (specifically, it’s close to Glendale) of Griffith Park. In addition of having some ghost stories associated with it, some great comedies were shot right here and if you’re a follower of this series, you know I love it when silly things are shot at locations with dark histories. Ya just cannot beat that juxtaposition.

It’s also interesting to think that the scene were Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy was threatened by grizzly bears actually was the habitat to actual bears once upon a time, including a polar bear to really earned his nickname “Ivan the Terrible.” Check out the video below to get a look at the location for yourself. If you have any locations or shows/films you want me to cover, please do let me know!


A habitat at the haunted Old LA Zoo
A habitat at the haunted Old LA Zoo

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