Site Update: Paranormal Window Areas

After giving a speech this weekend on the topic (at the wonderful annual Haunted Galena Paranormal Conference), I’m excited to open a new part of the site that will be a place to report and share info on what John Keel (author of the Mothman Prophecies) referred to as “Window Areas.” These are physical places around the world where paranormal activity of all types are observed (ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, etc.). It’s potentially proof that all (so far called) paranormal activity is linked in some way. Might these sites be a sort of ‘window’ that 1) allows beings to come to our world 2) allows us to more easily see things that are normally invisible and around us all the time or 3) allows inter-dimensional travel. Yes, we can get down the rabbit hole of theoretical (aka, the fun kind of weird) thinking. If we can make as many observations as possible, maybe we can see some commonalities or patterns emerge between all of these places

Some things we’ll note:

  • Most basically, the geographical location of all of these sites
  • All of the reported types of paranormal… enough to combine to be ‘high strangeness’
  • Time – has the location always been considered supernaturally charged, even going back to historic times, or, like the UFO/Men in Black/Mothman/etc experiences in Point Pleasure, WV, is everything coming through over a short, defined time period?
  • Size of area – are we looking at a one or two acre location or an entire town? How narrowly can we define a window area?
  • Are there any other characteristics of note? For example, while creating my speech, I started noting how many sites are at a higher elevation (locations at the tops of large hills or part of mountain ranges). It’s not 100%, but there’s enough to make me take note.
  • Historical info – a number of sites also have a connection to darkness – murders, suicides, etc. Might these areas be negatively impacting the living? Or is our negativity creating a ‘window area?’

In the meantime, feel free to watch this stay-at-home quarantine video I did on the topic back in 2020 (time stamps below)

0:00 – Welcome
1:10 – Wisconsin Cryptids
12:00 – MST3K “Every Country Has a Monster”
12:36 – Weekly news recap
14:04 – Comet NEOWISE / invisible things in the sky
15:38 – What’s a Window Area?
16:48 – Tower or Williamsburg Hill (I incorrectly called it Horsman Cemetery), Shelby County, IL
19:00 – Griffith Park, Los Angeles / Hollywood
24:05 – Partrick Road Rebobs, Napa Valley, CA
29:20 – Kettle Moraine State Forest, WI


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