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Great Migration in progress at one point was a huge source for inforation on local haunts around the country (though primarily Illinois and California).  Eventually, that company was sold off and I was able to recreate that over at the blog company  Sadly, that company is TERRIBLE!  Honestly, do not host your blog at!  It got spammed or hacked regularly.  In this moment, we have pages and pages of information trapped over there.  In time, we will be able to break them out and re-post them over here.  In the meantime, we are constantly posting new information and stories at my company site, and on my YouTube channel Here.

And, here are my latest YouTube videos (thanks for your patience while we painstakingly rebuild a huge site from the ground-up for the third time):

Watch Ursula Bielski on Jeff Belanger’s “30 Odd Minutes”

A while back Ursula Bielski, owner of the Los Angeles Haunting Ghost Tour Company, appeared on the fun and fairly wacky series “30 Odd Minutes” hosted by Jeff Belanger.  While on the show she talks in depth about children and the paranormal, which is the subject of one of her most recent books, “There’s Something Under the Bed: Children’s Experiences with the Paranormal.”

In this interview, Ursula talks about some very famous paranormal cases including the Cottingley Fairies and the Tina Resch poltergeist cast.

Visit Ursula and Jeff in person at the Chicago Ghost Conference October 4 & 5.  Learn more about the conference and buy tickets at this link!

A ghost hunter in training / Frank Lloyd Wright

This same letter was sent to fellow ghost hunters/researchers Henry Pena, Dale Kaczmarek and John Cachel

Question: My wife and I have been interested in “ghost hunting” for years.  We have also been researching the subject for years.  We recently broke down and started buying some equipment (no touch infra red thermometer, EMF detector, assorted audio recorders) along with our existing Sony camcorder w/ night vision, digital and analog cameras.  So I assure you this interest is not seasonal.  Now I am starting to reach out to the Chicagoland paranormal community and see what is going on.  Does your club get together often, share info, that kinda stuff?

We have a little tour scheduled for the 22nd of October, kinda for my wife’s birthday on the 21st.  Nothing truly scientific, more for fun, seeing that we have 14 chicagoland spots to hit.  But I truly hope to begin scientific and professional investigations for fun.   We have taken a few popular ghost tours and always came away saying “we can do better”.  These tours always make me feel like a tourist in my own town.

Like I said I am just beginning to reach out to the community and see what is going on outside.

Have you heard of any activity at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park IL?  I work in Oak Park and have dealt with the “Home and studio” often.  I think I might get permission for an opportunity to conduct an extensive study in the building.  Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Steve

Reply:  There are certainly a lot of drawbacks to bus tours, just the nature of the beast: it’s hard to create an intimate atmosphere.  However, they are great for getting an overview of a bunch of interesting locations that you can then go back to on your own.  It’s like window shopping!  Before you go on  your self-guided tour, please send me your list of locations.  Likely I’ve been to most of them and I may have a good tip to share with you from my experience.

Unlike the others you eMailed, my organization is a production company that does a lot of different work.  It just so happens that we have produced a video and a book/CD-ROM about Chicago ghosts.  I consider myself a ghost researcher rather than hunter (though I respect anyone looking to learn more).  Other than speeches, we do not have events or meetings.  (UPDATE in 2013: We now lead tours and participate in investigations that are open to the public)  Of all of Chicago’s ‘names’ in this field, I would endorse anything Ursula Bielski does.

Not being a ghost hunter I cannot contribute much technical information, however I would say this:  don’t go anywhere without infrared camcorder or analog camera.  There are debates regarding whether or not digital cameras pick anything up.  I’m undecided, but tend to lean away from digital.  Troy Taylor would have most anything you’d want to know on

As for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, I have heard that it was haunted, but that’s all I heard.  We were given that tip too close to the deadline of our book to be able to research it.  Good luck and above all, be safe out there!

Ouija Board Question

Question: Just wondering how do the spirits control the oujia bored!? I am really interested in learning about this kind of stuff. — Maria


Buying “Voices from the Chicago Grave”

Question: I’d be tempted to buy your book. How many pages is it? I know how frustrating book prices can be. Xlibris is selling my 120 page book on for $20.00. seriously, who would pay that?

What else do you talk about in your book that’s different from all the others on Chicago?

Reply:  The Book is 265 pages. Yes, there are a number of other books on Chicago ghosts out there. It was my own personal goal to write a book as good as Ursula Bielski’s “Chicago Haunts,” which is a tall order. I think it’s something that Mary Czerwinski, my partner, and I achieved. It covers all the well known and semi-well-known stories, of course, but it also covers a lot of never-before-told stories like St. Sava’s Serbian Monastary, the Sunnybrook Asylum, Cavallone’s West, etc. It also takes some stories such as Frank Nitti’s suicide, the Iriquois Theater Fire, the Grimes Sisters double homicide, and the Peterson-Schuessler murders and goes WAY more in-depth than any other ghost books have ever done.

Where can I go to see ghosts?

Question:  Where can I go to actually, possibly experience a ghost? …Or at least visit a known haunted place. — E D

Reply:  Try to pick a place that you know the story behind and maybe feel a little sympathetic towards. When you do go, never expect to see a ghost. they will come to you when they are ready and it’s never when you’re ready. I know from experience that nothing happens if you’re tense, but as soon as I relax, that’s the best chance for something to happen. Now, keep in mind, I’m pretty successful at having encounters at haunted places and I’ve had – maybe – 10 over four years and hundreds of trips. Most importantly, when you’re out and about, be respectful.  I know you’re contacting me from Chicago, so two places I would highly recommend are Bachelor’s Grove in Midlothian and Robinson Woods in Norridge.