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Following Elizabeth Short / The Black Dahlia ghost tour

In this installment, we take a Los Angeles ghost tour in the footsteps of Elizabeth Short, and, eventually, her killer. We visit her last LA home (Chancellor’s Hotel), the local watering hole (Boardner’s), the last place she was seen alive (The Biltmore Hotel), a possible site of her demise (the Sowden House), and, finally, the crime scene where her body was discovered (Norton Avenue in Leimert Park).

We do believe and hope that our community of paranormal investigators may be able to accumulate enough clues to help solve this still unsolved, horrible crime.

Additional reading / viewing:

Written by the owner of Sowden house: http://www.kajama.com/index.php?file=articledetail&id=5FC62E13-F3FB-49AD-AF16-1F8308D3767F

More viewing on the Sowden house: