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Where can I go to see ghosts?

Question:  Where can I go to actually, possibly experience a ghost? …Or at least visit a known haunted place. — E D

Reply:  Try to pick a place that you know the story behind and maybe feel a little sympathetic towards. When you do go, never expect to see a ghost. they will come to you when they are ready and it’s never when you’re ready. I know from experience that nothing happens if you’re tense, but as soon as I relax, that’s the best chance for something to happen. Now, keep in mind, I’m pretty successful at having encounters at haunted places and I’ve had – maybe – 10 over four years and hundreds of trips. Most importantly, when you’re out and about, be respectful.  I know you’re contacting me from Chicago, so two places I would highly recommend are Bachelor’s Grove in Midlothian and Robinson Woods in Norridge.