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First Annual ScareLA Convention!

This previous Sunday Los Angeles Hauntings had the pleasure of attending the first ever ScareLA convention. ScareLA is a event where people in the Halloween industry can meet up and swap ideas and share any tips or tricks. We had a great time at the event and met all types of people, mostly artists and haunted house builders, but also a paranormal group and a great historic society!

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_0722_zps0f75b0ee.jpg

The Los Angeles Hauntings at ScareLA began met Krampus… and we were well behaved enough not to get thrown in a river!! (Though maybe we were lucky that LA doesn’t have much water…)

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_0723_zps5f130524.jpg

Connor got distracted by the early halloween candy, almost lost her hand to this “Handy” Guillotine made by Mesmeric Creative

 photo 567faabf-3971-4044-b16a-07f3d13b331b_zpsce15f199.jpg

Dapper Cadaver made fake corpses that were a little too close to the Black Dahlia crime scene for our comfort. The case still fresh in our mind after a recent video of Elizabeth Short’s Los Angeles.

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_5386_zpsfba33107.jpg
But, we had a great time finally getting to meet with Richard from GOULA who’s “Spirits with Spirits” events on the 13th of each month we always seem to miss because of tours! Richard was great and we are really looking forward to working with GOULA on future events!

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_5389_zpsc0076457.jpg
We are also looking forward to heading down to San Fernando this weekend to visit the Pioneer Memorial Cemetery along with developing a relationship with the Historical Society there to help them raise money to preserve the beautiful and haunted lost graveyard. We had the pleasure of chatting with some of the members of the historic society who told of of the plight of the cemetery where only 214 of the estimated 700 graves have been located with the use of ground penetrating radar.

Here’s some other pictures from ScareLA

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_5393_zpsc9d7d10a.jpgScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_5392_zpscacdf1c8.jpg

It was fun running into poe again after our latest video

Scott with Oliver Robins from Poltergeist!

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_5395_zpsc5603202.jpg

ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_0742_zps2af3d098.jpg ScareLA LAHauntings photo IMG_0750_zps09124500.jpg