History and Hauntings of Sault Ste. Marie

PalaceSaloonHaunted1PalaceSaloonHaunted2What about the beautiful town of Sault Ste Marie, MI?  Is it haunted?  If it’s appearing on this site, the odds are, yes.  Michigan’s oldest town (founded in 1668!) and site of the Michigan ParaCon, Sault Ste. Marie (pronounced “Soo Saint Marie”) has some haunted locations. We’ll start right where we get most of our food while we’re on location, the 1903-built Palace Saloon.  This restaurant has activity throughout the building including activity from the basement to the top floor, but most notably, a man in black seen sitting in one of the booths (pictured above).  See a video I shot of employees talking about the hauntings with Mike, Wendy and Allison from the “See You on the Other Side” podcast.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 12.08.02 PM

Also, we got a tip about a number of haunted sites outside of Sault Ste Marie that might still be occupied by active Native American spirits.  These were given to us by a member of the Sault tribe while saying the locations are very active and paranormal occurrences are ongoing.  Here are the locations we need to research more before returning for a number of full investigations:

Sugar Island – Just 4 miles and a ferry ride away from the town center, this is a 49 square mile island with a population of under 700 people and is considered an ancestral homeland to the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians while also being important to the Ojibwe.  It was once in consideration (in 1945) to be the HQ of the United Nations.

MissionHillCemeteryMichiganMission Hill – about 22 miles west is the township of Brimley / Bay Mills and its secluded (click on the map to see just how isolated it is) and active Mission Hill Cemetery.  This location is known for its abundant ghost lights and disembodied voices.  This is possibly primarily a native American burial site.  Due to its seclusion, there has not been a lot reported on it, historical or paranormal.

Green Sky Hill – As tends to be the case with Native American legends, so much oral tradition is just that – only oral, not recorded in print.  We were told to look into Green Sky Hill, about 100 south, in the main “mitten” of Michigan.  Indeed, there is a book titled “Legends of Green Sky Hill” and categorized as “North American Indian Legends,” but the book was published in 1959 and little else can be found online.  A journey into the world of used books may be needed to understand this site.

Charlevoix – in the same area as Green Sky Hill is the town of Charlevoix.  Like all of this region, inhabitation dates into prehistory by tribes of this region and, as the name indicates, French explorers in the 1700s.  More modern establishments sprang up in the mid 1850s and by today we have a very old town with lots of ghost stories, particularly the Weathervane Restaurant that boasts three different ghosts who make their presence visually known.  One specter moves objects… big objects… like slamming heavy doors and even rolling a large banquet table from one room to the next.

Wolverine Hotel – Also near Charlevoix is the town of Boyne City, which boasts the Wolverine Hotel (pictured below, more recently known as the Dilworth Inn), a grand hotel from 1912.  Unfortunately, I could not find any tales of hauntings at this site, nor could I even find if this location is open for business.  Still, the fact that we were informed that this is a place to look into, tells us to pay attention.  So, we’ll keep our eyes open for this site and others!


Locations within Sault Ste Marie that are reportedly haunted include the Soo Brewing Company, Antlers Restaurant, Museum Ship Valley Camp, Ramada Ojibway Plaza, The Satisfied Frog Pub, which is located just across the street from the Palace Saloon.

More than anything, this article is a call to action for anyone out there.  Do you have tips on interesting history, folklore or your very own personal ghost stories about these locations?  Please let me know in the comments.  Hopefully we can arrange a separate journey to the northern edge of America to further investigate these sites.



  1. The one-time me and my wife stayed at Pioneer Saloon camping out overnight and I woke up in the middle of the night and this lady was there floating right beside the bed and just has I seen her my wife says who’s in here and disappeared then we found out it was Ruby X prostitute that got strangled in the bathroom

  2. I am a former resident of the home in Sault Ste Marie at 408 Dillon st.
    I no longer live in the home but after moving out all of my family slowly started to let out strange things that happened to us while we stayed there. My brother had the most experiences, one where he was even carried downstairs in the night by something he could not see. He also saw what he thought to be a soldier in the basement while he was sleeping and heard his name being called out from the basement multiple times. I myself never saw anything but I always had the feeling of being followed or watched when I was in the basement or in the kitchen (specifically if the door to the basement was open) We also since moving in had seen lights flicker and dim for no reason and experienced it still until the day we left. I have heard from many friends and people I knew that the house is indeed haunted and is known to be. I have never been able to find any history on what could possibly be residing in the home and as I no longer live there i can not find an investigator to help. But if there is any information about this house that would be helpful my family and I would very much appreciate it.

  3. I was in the UP back in October 2019 with my parents and my husband. My parents stayed in the car while my husband and I went and explored the Valley Camp in Sault Ste Marie. This time around, I had heard it was supposedly haunted, which kinda surprised me ’cause I had been there before when I was younger. So, this time, I kinda prepared myself and I took my normal digital camera with me on board. I learned from watching “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel that if you take multiple photos of the same area, same shot in a haunted location, chances are you might catch something on camera. Yes, it was a busy day, but I will admit; at times, I felt like I was being followed and every time I looked around, there was no one but me and my husband, and he was usually either at my side or in front of me.

    • edit: and after I went through the photos after my husband and I got home, I don’t think I captured anything out of the ordinary

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