Paranormal Bucket List

The world is full of mysterious locations… and I wanna see all of ’em! I’ve been exceptionally lucky in my life that I’ve been able to visit a number of amazing locations, but I still have a lot left on my ‘wish list.’ In some other cases, I have gotten to visit, but I still need to return to do a true paranormal investigation. Below is a growing list of some of the most exciting locations around the world I wish to visit. As I visit these locations, they are migrated to the bottom of the page with the results of my visits and investigations. In time, all locations will link to more in-depth original articles.

Like everything else on this site, I want to hear from YOU. What sites do you want to see? Have you been to any of these locations and have travel tips? Please let me know!

United States Locations

Preston School of Industry, Ione, CA
Served as a youth correctional facility from 1894-2011. Several deaths & murders checker its history. See Article 1 here

Perelson Family Murder House, Los Angeles (Los Feliz neighborhood), CA
A frozen-in-time, abandoned (but still owned and protected) house in an upscale LA neighborhood. It was the site of a vicious murder-suicide in 1959 that left another injured. Is the location haunted? See article 1 See & Article 2 + Video

Vallisca Axe Murder House, Vallisca, IA
Unfortunately, now something of a tourist attraction, this is the site of a still unsolved 1912 octuple homicide that included six children. Reportedly very haunted.

Burlington Hotel, Port Costa, CA
The gold rush-era hotel in this tiny town has either a dark or VERY dark history & connection to multiple ghosts. See article here

Picnic Table #29, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA
Is a picnic table in Griffith Park haunted by two lovers that died there & a park employee whose body was discovered here shortly after? See article here

Where should I go next?

International locations

Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy
Italy’s “Plague Island.”

Hoia Forest, Transylvania, Romania
Also known as the HoiaBaciu Forest, possible “window area” as people have reported ghostly activity as well as very regular UFO-like lights in the sky.

Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland
Subject of the book, “The Ghost that Haunted Itself,” possibly the site of the world’s most confrontational spirit.

Unfinished business
Amazing Places I’ve visited that need more study

Partrick Road & Cemetery, Napa, CA
Are there Rebobs (flying robotic government-created super soldier monkeys) patrolling the mountains of Napa Valley, CA? Yes, you read that right. Read the full article here.

Chelsea Hotel, lower Manhattan, New York
Location of great pop culture significance. Also the building where Nancy Spungen of the Sex Pistols was found stabbed to death. Many mysteries surround her death.

Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Cafe & Death House, Pacific Palisades, CA
Did movie star Thelma Todd die accidentally, or did she make an enemy of the NY mob? Death is ruled by accident, but she was known to hang with the wrong crowd. Can paranormal investigation shed light on the mystery?

Mission accomplished:
paranormal bucket list locations i have visited

Stull Cemetery, Stull, KS
Notorious site of urban legends, we’ve visited on multiple occasions. Between research and investigation, I think we can close the book on this location, while still celebrating its history and the folklore that persists.

HMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
One of the more famous and haunted sites in all of California, we’ve made multiple visits & even had a paranormal experience. Though we will still make return visits because the site is so majestic.

Resurrection Mary Locations, Justice, IL
Chicago’s most famous ghost made her presence known the first time we went to visit. Still one of my favorite places to tour friends who are visiting Chicago.

Linda Vista Hospital, Los Angeles (Boyle Heights neighborhood), CA
In my opinion, the most haunted building in LA & also the most paranormally active night happened on camera fortunately. The location now has a second life as a retirement home. Hauntings persist.

Stickney House, Bull Valley, IL
One of the most mysterious and exciting places I’ve visited in the Midwest, I’ve had the pleasure of investigating and doing countless interviews related to the location. Looking forward to further research to celebrate the history of the site and the Stickney family. Read more: Article 1Article 2Article 3

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, IL
Frequently considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world, my second visit to the site was extraordinarily active, but it’s been completely calm upon every visit since.

What would be on your list? Any suggestions?

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