Bubble Photos!

Below, enjoy immersive images from haunted sites around the country!  You can look around these images by clicking and dragging on your computer, and it’s even better on a VR device like HTV Vive or Google Cardboard.

Click on images to view the Bubble / 360 Spherical image.  Each image will open in a new window (also, this page is still under construction)

Stull Cemetery, Stull, KS


Stull Cemetery will be the focus on an upcoming newsletter and extensive article.  In the meantime, know this: this is one of the most legendarily haunted sites in all of America.  The Devil himself is said to appear here from time to time.  This cemetery is so “Hell adjacent” that the grounds commonly combust on their own.  I will say that on this rainy day, there were many patches of burned grass.  What the hell is there to do in Stull?  Only the Devil knows.  Be sure to note: the pile of rubble shown in the thumbnail is what’s left of the stone church that was demolished mysteriously (not paranormal, we don’t imagine, but still, no one knows who pulled it down or what caused the church to crumble in on itself).

Mission Inn, Riverside, CA (Two images)



I could go on about the “pushy” ghost in the bridal suite or the countless running ghosts that security guards have chased before they vanish from sight.  I could talk about the countless artifacts that fill every open space, including the oldest known bell in the “Christian world,” dating to the year 1247.  I could talk about the famous weddings that took place here including Bette Davis’ and Humphrey Bogarts.  I could talk about the scores of Presidents that loved visiting this place.  Instead, just go visit it yourself – It’s amazing.  When the time comes, I’ll haunt the hell out of this place too.

The Nat, Amarillo, TX


The old natatorium (or swimming pool) transformed a couple of times over the years but now stands as an antique mall.  However, the echoes of the past continue to linger in the form of a dancing couple, mother and child and phantom music from it’s dance hall days.

The Jane Hotel, New York


Brand Cemetery, Glendale, CA


Gotta love a mountain hike that leads ya to a hidden cemetery! Glendale’s “first family,” the Brands, started a pet cemetery that they themselves began laying themselves to rest in. The nearby family home, library and this cemetery all claim some level of paranormal activity. There are reports of occult activity at the cemetery, though that’s always a red flag for urban legends to me. The trails into the mountains behind the estate still boast scores of ruins from a bygone time.

The Water Tower and Hancock Tower, Chicago


The Streeterville Neighborhood in Chicago’s North loop has long been legend to be cursed by the still ticked off spirit of the eccentric Cap Streeter who beached his boat on a sandbar before claiming the land as his own.  The Hancock Tower has had a series of tragic events associated with it while also boasting links to “The Poltergeist Curse,” Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan) and also being the inspiration for a supernaturally charged building in the original Ghostbusters movie.  Conversely, the Water Tower can’t be too cursed as it survived the Great Fire of 1871, but it didn’t escape being haunted as the silhouette of a hanging body is seen in the upper window.

Culver Hotel, Culver City, CA


Culver Studios, Culver City, CAHauntedBubbleCulverStudios

Helvetia Cemetery, Helvetia (ghost town), AZHauntedBubbleHelvetiaCemetery

Hollywood and Highland Center (& Hollywood sign)HauntedBubbleHollywoodHighlandCenter

Huerfano Butte, Sahuarita, AZ (3 images)HauntedBubbleHuerfanoButteArizona


Litchfield Villa, Brooklyn, NYHauntedBubbleLitchfieldVilla

Paoli House Gallery, Paoli, WIHauntedBubblePaoliHouse

Gettysburg Battlefield, PA (two images)HauntedBubbleRoseGettysburgHauntedBubbleRoseGettysburgBattlefield

Rosehill Cemetery, ChicagoHauntedBubbleRosehillCemetery

Red Lion Pub, ChicagoHauntedBubbleRoseRedLionPub

St. Mary’s of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, IL


Not Haunted, but still fun…..

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TXCadillacRanchBubble