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Scott Markus


Scott has been actively involved in researching the paranormal for more than half of his life.  He is a published author, having written a historical/paranormal book about Chicago called “Voices from the Chicago Grave.”  His work in both production and the paranormal includes two documentaries on the unexplained, running the website WhatsYourGhostStory.com, co-hosting and producing the paranormal radio show “The Mothership Connection” out of WLIP AM-1050 Kenosha and being interviewed multiple times for Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Monument,” in addition to other local press.

Markus has been working in various aspects of film and television production since 1997.  His work has taken him across America while working on set for “Lost,” “The Dark Knight,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshal,” “Stranger Than Fiction” and many more.

Paranormal highlights include:

  • 1999 – released a documentary on haunted Chicago called “Voices from the Grave”
  • 2003 – released the book “Voices from the Chicago Grave”
  • 2007-2009 co-hosted and produced “The Mothership Connection” radio show in WLIP AM-1050 (Kenosha)
  • 2008 – Released second edition of “Voices from the Chicago Grave.”
  • 2010 – Launched the website WhatsYourGhostStory.com
  • 2014-2016 – Founded and ran Los Angeles Hauntings tour company
  • 2014 – For AwesomenessTV, he was one of the last people to investigate Linda Vista Hospital, in East LA
  • 2015 – Released documentary on the paranormal connections to the La Crosse drownings titled “A Hidden Truth?”
  • Appeared on multiple episodes of Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” & consulted on History Channel’s “Monster Quest.”
Over the last 18 years, he’s presented at numerous conventions and visited haunted sites from coast to coast, presenting on a number of local/regional topics including, Los Angeles / Hollywood stories, Midwest tales, ghost hunting ‘how tos,’ a general ‘best of’ the most interesting places in the country he’s visited, the La Crosse drowning saga, etc.




Connor Bright


Connor is a costume designer and cosplayer. Growing up in Washington DC, history and the ghost that lived them have always been a part of her life. Not a psychic, Connor comes to the world of the paranormal as a historian, enjoying finding the event that sparked the haunting.

Connor has traveled the world visiting haunted places in the UK and Ireland, collecting stories and experiences. She now lives in Los Angeles, and is loving chasing the ghosts of old celebrities!

Newer to paranormal investigating. Connor enjoys bringing a research based approach to an investigation, trying EVP work and experimenting with dowsing rods and pendulum.


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