Toast Adventures: The Ghost Adventures Drinking Game!

Just added to the store as a free download, we’ve crafted a Ghost Adventures drinking game. The show, started in 2008 became a pretty instant hit and has continued to retain a strong viewership and fanbase some 13 years later. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the show is entertaining. I, for one, always watched to see if Aaron would make his “Aaron face,” a jaw-dropped, oh-my-gawd stare into the camera. If he doesn’t make that face, it’s not an official episode in my book!

Over the years, these iconic moments from each episode became benchmarks for viewing, a road trip bingo, if you will. A casual idea for a drinking game took shape. Then we applied the rules while in Austin, TX watching the Zak Bagans documentary “Demon House” while on tour with the paranormal rock group Sunspot. It was a blast. If you are a fan of “Demon House,” you’ll have to check out the song Sunspot ended up writing about it:

Further rules were developed within the community of Patreon members who support the “See You on the Other Side” paranormal-meets-pop culture podcast. Eventually, the name came to be by suggestion of the proprietors of the Haunted Galena Tour Company. It truly was a community effort and will continue to be. If you have other suggestions for ‘rules’ of the game, please leave suggestions in the comments. They may be added to future versions!

A printable version of the rules for the game are currently available in the store as a free download. You don’t need to enter your email address or a credit card number – just download & have fun! Link to the STORE here. (Update: 3/11/21: uploaded version 2 of the PDF to the store, with more trigger words & actions)

If you are a Ghost Adventures fan (and I assume you are if you made it this far), I strongly suggest checking out this interview with Jeff Belanger. You might recognize him from the show as he makes an appearance from time to time, but he’s been on the show since the very first episode as their researcher. Due to Jeff’s intensive work, I always know as a viewer, the crew is showing up on location with a great foundation of facts. Just click the image to listen:

Of course, drink responsibly!

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  1. […] Now, while Zak Bagans can be a polarizing figure within the paranormal investigation world, I am not here to celebrate a failure. Hell, that’s bad karma and could only be read as jealousy as I own 0% as many Lamborghinis as Bagans. I can’t say I’m a big fan, but he is an entertaining host and I’ve seen nearly every episode. It doesn’t hurt that we made a drinking game out of watching (click this sentence to download … […]

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