Haunted Downtown LA Ghost Tour… in 1947! LA Noire, DTLA

I’ve had this idea for a long time and I’m finally excited to release Part 1 of the concept… using an INCREDIBLY accurate simulation of 1947 Los Angeles. Yes, I’m going to give you a tour, below, of Los Angeles as if we’ve gone back in time! I’m constantly impressed at the accuracy of the virtual environment and, as a former Los Angeleno and someone who really loves the city, it is a thrill to see it as it looked in 1947. Without further ado, please enjoy the tour and you don’t have to hold all questions til the end. Comment & question away! Also, if there’s an additional fact you love that I didn’t include about a certain location, please share that too!

Wanna take our in-person Hollywood tour? Click the logo below!

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Ghost Tour – AmericanGhostWalks.com
0:59 – Why 1947 LA?
3:37 – Elisa Lam & Cecil Hotel Pt 1
4:13 – Huge map of where we can travel
5:25 – The haunted house I lived in, in LA
6:10 – Pueblo De Los Angeles
8:42 – Avila Adobe in Olvera Street
11:34 – La Golondrina Cafe
13:12 – Pico House & the Chinese Massacre
16:36 – Union Station
17:32 – Moore Hill Pt 1
18:18 – Lizard People living under LA?
20:42 – Moore Hill Pt 2 – LA High School #9
23:13 – LA’s Biltmore Hotel & the Black Dahlia
26:18 – The Cecil Hotel
31:00 – Any requests?
31:30 – LA City Hall

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