Hales Bar Dam Featured on Mobile Instinct

Recently, the great urban exploration YouTube series, “Mobile Instinct” did an exploration of Hales Bar Dam Marina in Guild, Tennessee, near Chattanooga. The location is actually in south central TN, not far from the three-way border of Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia. I visited the location on a chilly spring day with Mike Huberty and Wendy Lynn Staats of the band Sunspot & paranormal podcast “See You on the Other Side” while their band, Sunspot, was on tour. Not only that, but we spent the entire night before conducting a paranormal investigation (and music video shoot) at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital nearby. Eventually, I’ll be putting out a video that takes a look back at that investigation and our exploration of Hales Bar Dam, which has ghost stories connected to industrial accidents while the site has been connected to negative energy since pre-hisotic Native American legends. (Our exploration, of course, isn’t of the dam itself, but the powerstation). For now, however, I hope you enjoy this small photo essay….

…and I do want to point out that if you do venture to the site, you have the ability to spend the night in these amazing floating cabins (we can’t wait to go back)

And enjoy these videos by the See You on the Other Side podcast

and Mobile Instinct


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