Cuba Road & The House on Rainbow Road Stories Coming Back to the Site

I just got a comment on one of my older videos asking for more information on White Cemetery ghost stories. I was going to refer the viewer to my site and found that none of my old articles on the topic are on this site yet! I am floored about that! My previous site was propped up almost entirely by traffic relating to the Cuba Road area (including White Cemetery and the House on Rainbow Road) and also “The Gate,” a famous local legend connected to Libertyville, IL.

My original site was fairly massive, but then the company that was hosting it, shifted their focus and no longer supported web hosting. Fortunately, they did send me all of my data. It was a huge undertaking to re-establish my site once again…. just for the new company to almost immediately go out of business. This time, any new articles were lost.

Take 3

Eventually, I did set up this site via WordPress. I haven’t loved WordPress, but at least it seems that it’s stable enough to not be going out of business and leaving me high and dry again. This time around, I’ve been much slower to re-post those older posts that actually do date back to the ’90s. Yup, been around. In the meantime, while I work to slowly post all of my old articles, I figured I’d start by posting a my existing videos on these Cuba Road locations…

Phantom Cars seen on Cuba Road (video from the year 2000 or 2001)

Answering questions about White Cemetery (also from 2001-ish)…

A big update on the House on Rainbow Road, plus some aerial footage of White Cemetery:

And some more modern updates. The famed Cuba Road bridge, which claims hauntings of a shadowy male figure emerging from a bank of fog has been totally replaced and updated. From an Instagram post of mine in 2016: “The haunted bridge on Cuba Road (called Veterans Crossing) got a major facelift this summer. Will the change amplify the paranormal activity or cause it to end? Time will tell. Legend states that a phantom pedestrians appear in front of your car on foggy nights here. Drivers feel the impact of striking the individual, but no body is found upon inspection.

I’ve also been able to give a few Lake County, IL tours over the last couple years. It’s always bringing people to the location of famous hauntings.

Finally, back in 2017 I was finally able to locate a site in Barrington, IL not all that far from Cuba Road (and to my knowledge not a place with any known hauntings). George Baby Face Nelson took his fatal gunshot wounds right here, during the “Battle of Highway 12.” Of course, he took out two more FBI agents with him in the skirmish. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that a ’30s era sedan is parked in a lot across the street, literally pointing towards the site of the shootout. Nelson, not only a member of the Dillinger gang, but also a prominent bank robber on his own prior to and after his affiliation with Dillinger, would die of his wounds hours later in Wilmette. His body was discovered the next morning outside of a cemetery in Skokie. John Dillinger had already been killed at this point, making Nelson Public Enemy #1 at the time. Check out the memorial plaque below.

I look forward to getting more of my older posts here on the site, but in the meantime, feel free to make requests on what you want to see (any questions you want answered) and, as always, I invite you to share your own stories with me!

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